First Look at Charity Wakefield in 'Munsters' Reboot, 'Mockingbird Lane'

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Bryan Fuller's reboot/re-invention of the Munsters TV show, Mockingbird Lane, has left many fans of the original series feeling cold, to put it mildly. Even in the face of such a daunting uphill battle, spirits seem to high on the Mockingbird set - where cameras have officially begun rolling - with X-Men director Bryan Singer calling the shots on the series pilot.

As proof of that high morale, Fuller has released the first photo of Charity Wakefield as Marilyn Munster - a.k.a. "the ugly one" in a family composed of monsters - which (in Fuller's version of The Munsters) includes an ancient shape-shifter and a cannibal with a taste for suicide victims.

The Mockingbird Lane cast includes Eddie Izzard (United States of Tara) as Grandpa Munster; Jerry O'Connell (Crossing Jordan) as patriarch Herman Munster; Portia de Rossi (Arrested Development, Better Off Ted) as his flesh-hungry wife, Lily; Mason Cook as the duo's young son - for whom puberty means turning into a werewolf, every full moon; and English actress Charity Wakefield, who appears to be channeling another famous Marilyn with her outfit as the Munsters' ordinary niece:


mockingbird lane munsters reboot charity wakefield

Fuller has already admitted that his latest TV series was renamed Mockingbird Lane because the series marks "such a dramatic departure from the tone and style of the original show." You can gain additional insight about the showrunner's approach to the Munsters property (and his feelings on remakes in general) by reading the complete interview with Fuller.

Speaking personally, this writer is a fan of Fuller's previous shows and approves of the idea that Mockingbird Lane will mix the relatable family dysfunction found in his short-lived Wonderfalls TV series with the charmingly eccentric storytelling style and dark comedy that earned Pushing Daisies a loyal cult following. Given the shape things are taking, Mockingbird Lane looks to ultimately share only surface qualities with The Munsters; hence, the final product could feel like something genuinely new and entertaining.

Look for Mockingbird Lane to premiere on NBC during the upcoming regular TV season.


Source: Shock Till You Drop

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