10 Hilarious Moana Memes That Are Too Funny

Moana is already a Disney classic so it's no wonder so many people are creating hilarious memes about it.

Disney's 2016 film Moana is a heartwarming and entertaining tale of a girl who must go on a journey to save her people and restore peace to the ocean, all while learning about herself in the process. The film is highly regarded by critics and fans alike, who enjoyed the music, stunning animation, and memorable characters.

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It's no wonder then, that Moana is the subject of memes. So. Many. Memes. Fans and newbies alike can't enough of these in-jokes, and some have even created meme pages that cater specifically to all things Moana-related!

If you loved the film as much as we do, then we think you'll also love the memes down below that serve as loving parody and commentary on the beloved film!

10 Earworm

It's not an uncommon occurrence for Disney tunes to get stuck in your head. That's precisely what they're known for, and that's why they're so iconic! However, some people became a little hostile when they couldn't let go of Frozen's "Let It Go," as it was practically everywhere since the film released.

Enter Moana to unload new earworms, particularly "How Far I'll Go," arguably the film's standout track. The songs in Moana were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind the equally catchy Hamilton!

9 Attention K-Mart Shoppers

Nowadays, as the Internet generation grows up, they are increasingly more nostalgic for things that they miss from their childhood. Take this silly meme of Moana gazing longingly to the ocean at K-Mart, paired with some of the lyrics from "How Far I'll Go."

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Though K-Marts used to be fairly prevalent in the States, recently the business has been closing stores and liquidating assets more frequently than ever before. This might explain why Moana is feeling so emotional toward K-Mart, since it is no longer around in many markets!

8 Listen To Mama

Sometimes, Mama can only handle so much. Though memes about Te Fiti make their rounds regularly, this interpretation is one of the funniest and definitely the most relatable.

Most mothers try to handle their kids with kindness when asking them to perform certain tasks, but sometimes they might have to become a bit more firm if they are being ignored. Though it usually never manifests itself, sometimes moms might feel a bit Te Kā if their little one is being defiant. The important thing is to take a deep breath and try again!

7 Freeze-Frame

While enjoying a movie at home, sometimes the urge arises to make more popcorn, or take a quick bathroom break. So, you pause the film, complete your tasks, and then return to watch the rest.

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However, we advise that you don't pause a Disney movie unless you want to end up with crazy stills like this! Look at poor Moana smashing face first into the water! That's gotta hurt.

6 The Most Relatable

Do you know that certain person who goes from 100 to 1 in seconds? That person who is either at full power, or not at all awake?

You, my friend, know a Te Kā with a rising Te Fiti, quite possibly one of the volatile and sluggish types of people wrapped into one! Expending all of that energy is sure to put you to sleep at some point, so don't hesitate to pull up a pillow and snag some beauty sleep.

5 Don't Take Offense

Um, excuse me, but what are we looking at? This weird meme is referencing parts of Moana by comparing it to figures in other media. For example, Lilo from Lilo and Stitch represents Moana's part as the main protagonist of the movie, a comparison likely due to her relationship with the ocean.

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Chicken from Cow & Chicken obviously represents Heihei, Kanna from Avatar: The Last Airbender represents Tala, and... well, you get the picture. This meme might not make a lot of sense unless you realize what archetypes and characters are being portrayed, but we still think its a funny homage to the movie nonetheless.

4 Can't Handle It

Okay, so we don't recommend acting like Te Kā on a normal basis, but sometimes, it's just one of those days. Things happen, the day doesn't go as planned, or a bit of bad news comes your way. It important to find a partner that can handle the grey days along with the sunshine and rainbows.

However, we definitely don't endorse raging like a volcano, no matter the circumstances. Your partner can handle a little grumpiness, but they can only take so much aggression!

3 Turn It Up

You know those times when you get so emotional that you just have to turn the song you're listening to up to full volume? Whether alone in your bed room or out at a concert, the decision to put your hands up and head-bang to your favorite tune is definitely a requirement at least one point in your life.

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Maybe you even want to sing along. With a banger like "How Far I'll Go," we really don't blame you for rocking out!

2 Hatin' On Heihei

Okay, so Heihei might not be the brightest chicken of the sea, but you don't need to hate on him too much! Moana is a great character of course, but some girls might want to try something other than the Disney heroine life.

That's why side characters like Heihei are so vital. They bring a diverse cast and different character-type to the film that might resonate with little girls and boys if they can't relate as much to the main character. Though they aren't intended for the wide commercial appeal of the main character, that doesn't mean they don't deserve any at all. You do you, Heihei!

1 Lawn Service

In honor of the new live-action version of Mulan, we couldn't NOT share this hilarious gem. The combination wordplay on this meme is clever, and we only wish we had thought of it ourselves.

Imagining two powerful ladies like Moana and Mulan doing such mundane tasks as yard-work and lawn-care is actually funny, given the scope of the adventures they take in their respective films. Saying it out loud makes it even better! We're not saying this collab should be the studio's next project,'s your move, Disney.

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