Will MLB The Show Ever Come to Other Consoles?

MLB The Show PlayStation Exclusive

Unsurprisingly, it sounds as if the MLB The Show franchise will be locked to PlayStation hardware for the time being. Even last year it would have been a silly possibility to suggest that a first-party PlayStation title could see the light of day on another console, but things have changed quite a bit in such a short amount of time. Google has unveiled its new Stadia platform that will allow gamers to stream games across a medley of platforms, while Xbox is helping to bring games like Cuphead to Nintendo Switch.

More now than ever it looks as if accessibility is being placed at the forefront for major companies in the gaming industry. Being available across a number of platforms ensures a larger user base, and that leads to prolonged revenue for the publishers putting their games out there. So when a universally appealing franchise like MLB The Show arrives exclusively for PlayStation consoles, fans are going to wonder why they can't partake in the MLB action on their platform of choice.

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During a preview session with MLB The Show 19, Screen Rant had the opportunity to speak with the game's Designer and Community Manager, Ramone Russell. Before confirming that God of War's Kratos almost received a playable spot in MLB The Show, we inquired as to whether or not it was possible to see MLB The Show on other platforms in the future.

Now that you have Google moving into gaming and Xbox moving onto other platforms, is [releasing MLB The Show on other consoles] something you guys would pursue if given the opportunity?

"No, I mean, our focus will always be on baseball. We're happy to be a part of the PlayStation family. So, for those 12 months, as long as we can continue to make baseball games, we put 100% of our focus into trying to make the best baseball game that we can for the PlayStation fans out there."

Catering to PlayStation fans is a no-brainer when MLB The Show is entirely funded and developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. But things in the industry are changing, and Sony has to know it. Perhaps it'll be possible to play MLB The Show on other platforms in good time, but Russell's statement about appeasing PlayStation comes as naturally as a Babe Ruth home run.

Fans can also recreate and relive those Babe Ruth-inspired moments in MLB The Show 19, which is telling of how passionate the team is about baseball as a whole. It's that passion and attention to detail that makes the series so appealing for MLB fans in the first place. For now, though, PlayStation hardware is the only place consumers will find that experience.

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MLB The Show 19 arrives exclusively for PlayStation 4 consoles on March 26, 2019.

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