MK11 Trailer Reveals Schwarzenegger’s Terminator & DC Joker As DLC Characters

MK11 Terminator Dark Fate Joker DLC Characters

The MK11 team has revealed that the Dark Fate Terminator and DC's Joker will be released as playable characters through the Kombat Pack DLC. This announcement completes the Kombat Pack’s six character roster.

MK11, released in May, is currently the best selling game of 2019. Like its predecessor, Mortal Kombat X, MK11 is developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by their parent company, Warner Bros. Interactive. The Kombat Pack DLC, which was available at launch, includes additional skins and gear alongside early access to six DLC characters. Three of those characters were pulled from the existing Mortal Kombat universe. Shang Tsung, the original Mortal Kombat’s big boss, and Nightwolf, a Native American shaman first seen in Mortal Kombat 3, are playable now. Sindel, a warrior-queen who also first appeared in Mortal Kombat 3, has not yet been released to players. In a surprise to many, the fourth DLC character was new to Mortal Kombat lore. Todd McFarlane’s comic book anti-hero Spawn will be a MK11 playable character sometime in the future.

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With the unexpected additions of the Joker and the Terminator T-800, revealed in a new trailer, the Kombat Pack roster is complete. The Joker seen in the trailer looks to be a new design of the character, and not one based on the upcoming Joaquin Phoenix film. The Terminator, meanwhile, is clearly modern-day Arnold Schwarzenegger, as seen in the Terminator: Dark Fate trailer. The Terminator’s costuming matches what’s seen in the trailer, although the MK11 version is showing some battle damage.

These new characters line up with previous MK11 leaks discovered by dataminers earlier this year. All six character names were buried deep within the game’s code. Three additional characters were hinted at, but have yet to be revealed. Two of these characters, Fujin and Sheeva, would be returning fighters from previous iterations of Mortal Kombat. Many believe that the third name, Ash, refers to Ash Williams of the Evil Dead franchise. This rumor has yet to be confirmed by Bruce Campbell or the Mortal Kombat team.

While this isn’t the first time a Mortal Kombat game has brought in characters from outside the franchise, the addition of these two characters, and especially of Arnold himself, has raised the bar. While no release date has been officially announced, it’s likely that the Terminator will become playable around the time Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters this fall. If this DLC is well received, it’s likely more characters will be pulled from Warner Brothers-owned properties.

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Source: Mortal Kombat/Youtube

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