Mitchell Hurwitz Talks 'Arrested Develoment' Film

This past weekend the creator of Arrested Develoment, Mitchell Hurtwitz, attended the Austin Film Festival and was the focal point of two panels, "The Art of Storytelling" and a "Conversation With Mitchell Hurwitz." During both panels the "Mrs. Featherbottom" architect discussed our favorite criminally-challenged family and their venture to the big screen with the Arrested Development film.

In "The Art of Storytelling" Hurwitz was accompanied by fellow Arrested Development producers Steven Zaillan and Ron Howard. The trio discussed the origins of the documentary style and how they sought to avoid the comparison to the original British version of The Office which was gaining momentum at the same time of Arrested Development's development. (Say that three times... Arrested Development's develop... I can't even type it.)

Later in the panel, the trio appeared to still be deciding on which direction to take with the film as Howard wants to continue with the same look and feel of the television show while Hurwitz is contemplating changing it for its big screen debut.

While the final look of the film may be up in the air, fans need not worry about Hurwitz catching a case of writers block as he stated that writing the film is monumentally easier than the episodic show and attributes that to his proclivity for in-depth story telling. From that comment I would assume he's referring to the rise and fall of one-hit-wonder and one time African American singing sensation, Franklin Delano Bluth (see pic below).

Not to give out all the Bluth information all at once, Hurwitz circumvented (cirsumvented) the first panel and saved several tidbits for those attending the "Conversation with Mitchell Hurwitz." In the event attendees learned that Hurwitz himself would be writing and directing the feature and that a large part of the film would take place in prison. One can only speculate if they would pick up where the series ended, with Lucille being arrested and George, Michael and George Michael in Cabo.

When Hurwitz refused to reveal anymore information, several attendees wanted to know, "Are you chicken?"



"Coo-Coo-Ka-Cha, Coo-Coo-Ka-Cha"

They didn't really, but I couldn't help but put that in - 'much like a banger in my mouth, or as us Americans say, a sausage in my mouth.'

Heeeey brother, make sure to take your "fun-fun" with frosting and we'll update you as more information is released about the Arrested Development film. C'MON!!!

[How many Arrested Development quotes/winks can you spot in this post?]

Source: Slash Film

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