10 Actors Who Could Play Mister Fantastic In The MCU

Will see Fox characters integrated into the new MCU? We kind of hope so. Mister Fantastic would be awesome, and we have some suggestions...

As fans look forward to what's next for the cinematic universe, many are wondering when we will begin to see some of those Fox characters integrated into the MCU adventures. The Fantastic Four are of particular interest for fans as they are Marvel's "First Family" and have suffered some poorly received cinematic interpretations.

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While it might still be a while before they appear, it's never too early to speculate on casting. One critical casting piece will be Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic as the super stretchy hero severs as the genius leader of the group. It is an iconic comic book character to take one, but there are some actors who feel like the right fit. Here are some solid choices for who should play Mister Fantastic in the MCU.

10 Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is an acclaimed actor who is also no stranger to the big franchise films as well. He, of course, starred as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels, and will even step into the comic book film world as the villainous Black Mask in the upcoming Birds of Prey.

It would be nice to see McGregor back in the noble hero role which he did so well as Obi-Wan. That role showed he can be a strong, intelligent and caring leader. He also has the chops to bring some real intensity to the role.

9 Keanu Reeves

Apparently, it's only a matter of time before Keanu Reeves shows up in the MCU. Kevin Feige recently said that Reeves had been offered a role in every MCU movie so far, and while that might be an exaggeration, they seem keen to have the much-loved action star.

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Mister Fantastic feels like a good fit for Reeves. He has the right look for the character and can pull off the brooding intensity that Reed Richards is sometimes known for. Of course, he can handle the action sequences and it wouldn't be too hard to imagine that any super-beings would look to him as their leader.

8 Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux is not a huge star, but he's someone who has been creating interesting characters and performances for a long time now. He has shown a lot of range with his movie roles, appearing in comedies and dramas and being effective in both genres. His role in the acclaimed show The Leftovers is certainly a fine display of his great talent.

Theroux is another actor who looks perfect for the role, but he is a fine pick for Mister Fantastic beyond the physical similarities. He could sell himself as the smart scientist type who will stop at nothing to keep his loved ones safe.

7 Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac is one of those actors who gets linked to all the high-profile roles these days. He is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood and an extremely talented one at that. He has a very compelling screen presence that makes him appear anything from charming to funny to scary.

With Isaac's role in the Star Wars franchise seeming to come to an end, he might be ready to move on from the big-budget movies, but he would bring a lot to the role of Mister Fantastic. That intensity could serve the character so well and make him one of the standouts in the MCU.

6 Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant is not a huge star in the movie world, though he's appeared in many well-known films over the years. However, he had gradually become one of television's most reliable leading men with fantastic turns on Justified and Deadwood as the badass hero.

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Oddly enough, it is Olyphant's role in Santa Clarita Diet that makes him perfect for Mister Fantastic. Olyphant is amazing as the stressed-out father trying to keep his dysfunctional family together. He also showed that he is a great comedic actor which is always welcome on the MCU.

5 Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman in Ozark Season 2 Netflix

Jason Bateman is another example of a great modern television dad as he has played that role in two very different series. In Arrested Development, he is the Bluth family's most normal member, but still has a lot of problems of his own. In Ozark, he is a man whose mistakes have put his family in terrible danger and he desperately tries to save them.

Both these roles feel like the perfect link to Mister Fantastic and make Bateman feel like a natural for the role. He isn't known for action movies, but his huge comedic talent along with this excellent dramatic work would be great for this part.

4 Adam Scott

Adam Scott is another actor who is mostly known for comedic roles on television but seems like the kind of actor who would fit extremely well into the MCU. He has that kind of dry, sarcastic wit like many of the MCU's heroes. He also plays a lovable dork to perfection which could be a fun way of depicting a genius like Reed Richards.

Scott's work on Big Little Lies is a great example of how he is much more than just a comedy actor. His complex family man on that show proves he can handle the more intense aspects of the character.

3 John Krasinski

John Krasinski Marvel

There was a time that Jim from The Office might have seemed like a strange choice for a superhero role, but John Krasinski is gradually becoming a legit action star. He was recently seen as the titular character in Amazon's Jack Ryan series which allowed him to play the smart and intellectual hero.

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Krasinski's role in A Quiet Place is what really sells him as Mister Fantastic and has made him a fan-favorite for the role. He played a desperate family man who sacrifices everything and goes to great lengths to keep his family safe.

2 John Cho

John Cho as David Kim in Searching

John Cho has been a solid character actor in Hollywood for many years, but he has always been underrated as an actor. Despite starring roles in comedies like Harold and Kumar and supporting roles in big films like Star Trek, Cho hasn't been given many chances to shine, until recently.

One of the biggest surprises of 2018 was Searching. The mystery film takes place all through screens and stars Cho as a man on a frantic search to find his missing daughter. Cho carries the movie as the realistic hero dad and it would be great to see him bring that to a bigger movie.

1 Bill Hader

Bill Hader Barry Season 2 HBO

Bill Hader is another funnyman who seems like a good fit for the MCU. As a cast member on Saturday Night Live, Hader proved to be a true chameleon and insanely gifted impressionist. He is a very likable and charismatic actor and his HBO show Barry is proof that he can go to some very dark places.

Hader is the perfect mix of a goofball, intellectual and intense hero which would be perfect for Mister Fantastic. Hader could have a lot of fun playing the comedic and dramatic sides of the character and it would be so much fun to see him in a big superhero movie.

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