Mission: Impossible - Fallout Trailer #2: Tom Cruise vs. Henry Cavill

Ethan Hunt is back to save the world one more time in the new trailer for Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Tom Cruise has made a career out of doing his own stunts, but no franchise has repeatedly given him incredible opportunities to put that on display like Mission: Impossible. Even as the franchise nears the release of the sixth film, Cruise isn't slowing down. The A-list action star broke his foot performing a stunt for Fallout, and they're actually using that take in the movie.

A glimpse of that stunt was on display in the first trailer for Fallout, along with teases of several additional action set pieces. With Christopher McQuarrie back in the director's chair, the film is looking to explore what the consequences are to all of Hunt's previous decisions and missions. Thanks to a new trailer, even more of the story and the movie's stunts are being showcased ahead of time.

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Paramount just released the second trailer for Mission: Impossible - Fallout. The trailer offers up more looks at what Hunt is up to now, but also gives Rebecca Ferguson's Ilsa more screen time, as well as Henry Cavill.

Tom Cruise flying helicopter in Mission Impossible Fallout

Once again, the Mission: Impossible franchise is relying heavily on its action to sell the movie. That's a great choice to make too as everything in Fallout looks to be top notch. The helicopter chase looks to be quite elaborate. But, the skydiving stunt may be their most ambitious work yet. There's only a few glimpses of it in the actual trailer, but it was the biggest takeaway from the film's presentation at CinemaCon a few weeks back.

Even if the action is the biggest takeaway, the trailer also sheds more light on the film's actual plot. Director Christopher McQuarrie previously said that the movie is about all of Ethan Hunt's past decisions coming back to haunt him. The start of that comes with Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) escaping from capture. When Ethan wants to be involved in saving the day again, he's forced to work with the CIA or risk Cavill's assassin character coming after him. He's gone rogue before and it looks like he'll do so again, which could make Cavill the semi-villain of Fallout. Whether or not they can put aside their differences and save the day together remains to be seen. Thankfully, we'll know for sure how it all plays out in just a few months.

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