New Mission: Impossible 6 Photo Features Henry Cavill & Angela Bassett

With Mission: Impossible – Fallout well on the way, a new picture shows Henry Cavill and Angela Bassett deep in thought.

As the sixth movie in Paramount's popular franchise, Tom Cruise once again returns as Ethan Hunt. Loosely adapting the 1966 TV series, the first Mission: Impossible lit the fuse on gritty spy movies back in 1996. Now, 22 years later, director Christopher McQuarrie hopes to prove that the world of the IMF isn't running out of steam. With stars like Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Thandie Newton, and Rebecca Ferguson all having graced the series, it looks like the latest installment isn't letting up on its star power.

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This time, Cruise's Hunt is recruiting a new team of friends and enemies to the IMF, with Justice League's Henry Cavill starring as mysterious character August Walker. Little else is known about who Cavill is playing, while Bassett has joined in an equally mysterious role. The latest picture snaps the pair by the Eiffel Tower, teasing another trip around the world for the franchise. With Mission: Impossible having previously headed to exotic locations like Dubai, it looks like Fallout will have more of a European feel this time.

Henry Cavill Angela Bassett Mission- Impossible

Notice that Cavill is sporting his (now infamous) mustache that caused all those problems for Justice League, and it looks like he and Bassett are deep in some sort of espionage-linked talk. Mixing the old and the new, Fallout will see the return of fan-favorite stars like Ferguson, Simon Pegg, and Ving Rhames, and also back for more, McQuarrie becomes the first director to helm more than one Mission: Impossible movie. With a trailer due to air during this year's Super Bowl, the plot and characters are currently being kept a secret by Paramount. However, as one of the studio's most profitable series, M:I6 is hoping to take over the box office in July.

Being one of the best representations of a "jumping the shark" series, Mission: Impossible has continued to keep fans hooked and find new ways to reinvent itself. Thanks to its impressive (and sometimes dangerous) stunts, the franchise has made a name for itself and Cruise in terms of gripping action movies. Cruise even broke his ankle on the set of the latest movie, but it didn't stop Fallout making it to where we are today.

While the likes of Die Hard and the Bourne series may have faltered in its more recent years, 2015's Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation proved to be one of its most profitable outings. With high hopes that Fallout can continue the trend, the cast alone should be enough to drag viewers into theaters. Find out more when Mission: Impossible - Fallout hits cinemas this summer.

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