Here's Why Jeremy Renner Isn't In Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol - Jeremy Renner as William Brandt

Mission: Impossible - Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie has explained why Jeremy Renner missed out on being in the latest installment of the action franchise. The sixth movie in the venerable series based on the '60s TV show starring Martin Landau, Fallout sees the return of Tom Cruise as death-defying super-spy Ethan Hunt. Cruise is joined by fellow returning cast members Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Alec Baldwin and Sean Harris. Henry Cavill and Angela Bassett are the newest additions to the cast.

Early in the Mission: Impossible series, when characters popped up and disappeared at an alarming rate, only Cruise's Hunt and Rhames' Luther Stickell recurred from film to film. Starting with Mission: Impossible III, Simon Pegg's computer wiz Benji joined the stable of characters and will now appear in his fourth series film. Jeremy Renner also became an official regular after his two appearances as William Brandt in Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation. However, Renner will not make it three in a row with this summer's Fallout.

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So what happened to Renner aka William Brandt? As Mission: Impossible - Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie explained to Digital Spy, it all came down to a case of bad timing. Renner would have been welcome to return but script issues (the film actually began shooting with no script) and schedules simply could not be worked out in order to make it happen. McQuarrie said:

"At the time, when the movie started, we didn't really have a screenplay, so it was very difficult for us to say who would be in the movie for how long and on what days, and he had a commitment to Marvel. So there was just simply no predicting. If we had a finished script, we would have been able to say, 'Yes, this will work and we can let you go for this time', but there was just no predicting what those roles were going to turn out to be. It was just an unfortunate case of bad timing,"

Mission Impossible Jeremy Renner

At one point during the production of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, it was rumored that a plan was in place to gently push Tom Cruise aside and install Renner as the series' new lead. However, that didn't end up happening and Renner found himself relegated to a supporting role for Rogue Nation, instead. The William Brandt arc, which saw him go from analyst to reluctant field agent in Ghost Protocol, then to behind-the-scenes sparring partner for Alec Baldwin's Alan Hunley in Rogue Nation, appears to have come to an end with Fallout.

Amusingly, this marks the second time in 2018 that Renner has gotten attention for his absence from a major franchise. Earlier this year, Renner's omission from Avengers: Infinity War sparked a minor backlash from fans of his character Hawkeye, and even spawned memes imagining Hawkeye as the central figure of the film. Luckily for fans of Hawkeye, the character will be back in Avengers 4. It remains to be seen, however if Renner and William Brandt will return for any possible franchise films beyond Mission: Impossible - Fallout. The sixth Mission: Impossible is getting great reviews and is tracking to be a big hit, so it seems assured there will be at least one more movie in the series.

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Source: Digital Spy

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