Mission: Impossible 6 Poster Gets Fan-Made Mustache Makeover

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A fan-made Mission: Impossible - Fallout poster puts the spotlight on star Henry Cavill's infamous mustache. Cavill and his facial hair co-star in the sixth Mission: Impossible alongside Tom Cruise, back again as super-spy Ethan Hunt. Series regulars Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Alec Baldwin, Rebecca Ferguson and Michelle Monaghan are all back for another go-around, together with newcomer Angela Bassett. Christopher McQuarrie returns to direct, becoming the first person ever to helm more than one Mission: Impossible film.

In Fallout, Tom Cruise and the IMF team find themselves on the run after a mission goes bad. Decisions from Ethan Hunt's past come back to haunt him in a plot that also involves nuclear terrorism. In addition to all that, Hunt gets a new love interest in The Crown's Vanessa Kirby. Among the movie's many stunt sequences is a helicopter chase featuring Tom Cruise doing his own dangerous flying. Another stunt sequence, shot last August, resulted in Cruise breaking an ankle against the side of a building. Cruise recently shared video of the painful stunt fail. And yes, the broken ankle shot made it into the finished film.

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Even with all those selling-points, perhaps the most anticipated element of Fallout is a mustache-wearing Henry Cavill. One fan decided to have some fun with the Cavill stache angle by redesigning the Fallout movie poster. The artist has cleverly turned a parachute into a mustache set against a big half-glimpsed image of the actor. Reddit user gkzia shared the image, which you can see below.

Actors growing facial hair for roles is usually not a big deal. But Cavill's mustache became a very big deal indeed when the actor was needed to return as Superman for Justice League reshoots while still in the middle of shooting Fallout. Needless to say, Superman does not have a mustache. But thanks to contract commitments, Cavill was unable to shave before going back to work on Justice League. Warner Bros. attempted to work around the issue by shooting Cavill with the mustache and erasing it with CGI. Given today's technology, you wouldn't think removing a mustache would be that big a deal. But evidently computer technology is not as powerful as we thought, because when Justice League came out, everyone could clearly see the evidence of mustache erasure on Cavill's upper lip.

The case of the badly erased mustache became only one part of the whole narrative around Justice League, which underperformed at the box office. Today, the mustache debacle is such a huge meme, even Deadpool 2 couldn't resist mocking it in a recent teaser. The whole mess will have been worth it if the mustache helps Cavill project the right amount of fuzzy-lipped menace as he chases Tom Cruise over hill and dale in Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

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Source: gkzia

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