Henry Cavill Interview - Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Henry Cavill has played the ultimate good guy.  Now, he takes a step toward the darker side in Mission: Impossible - Fallout, which hits U.S. theaters on July 27. Cavill sat down and talked about performing stunts with Tom Cruise, filming on location, and the future of the Man of Steel.

Screen Rant: Henry, amazing performance. This is, you knocked it out of the park, man.

Henry Cavill: Thanks, man.

Screen Rant: It's so crazy watching you in this role because… it was brilliant. It was so different than what I've had normally seen you do. So, how was it to just to cut loose and do questionable things and punch the crap out of people?

Henry Cavill: Fun. (both laugh) Like a lot of fun.

Screen Rant: Because that bathroom scene was amazing. How much went into that scene?

Henry Cavill: A lot went into that scene. What I took part in was four weeks worth of shooting. Supposed to be four days, ended up being maybe more, I'm not entirely sure. There's a lot. And then the amount of work which the stunt team, Eastwood Action [Inc] put into all of the training for those guys. To build the choreography, to then teach us, was months. I'm sure, amongst doing everything else as well.  And then just all the bumps and bruises that come with doing a fight like that.

Screen Rant: I mean, your used to the physicality. Because with Superman and stuff, I'm sure you did a ton of that stuff. But one thing I love about this movie, is that there's not a lot of green screen.  It's all very practical on location. So how did that differ for you?

Henry Cavill: To be honest, I love locations. I love practical locations. I love practical stunts. There's something about them which really lends to the actor’s experience. Which helps performance and then that therefore lends to the audience experience. And we're all very wise to the game these days. And whether it's conscious or subconscious, when watching a movie, we know it’s CGI.  And that immediately, even if we have suspension of disbelief, it removes part of our belief process. And so, to have a real location like Pulpit Rock in Norway with people hanging off it, you're going-- it adds tension and drama because it's real. It's there, it exists.

Henry Cavill in helicopter in Mission Impossible Fallout

Screen Rant: Exactly. That helicopter scene blew my mind. I was afraid for both you and Tom at that point. I was on the edge of my seat. Christopher [McQuarrie] has such an amazing eye for action sequences.

Henry Cavill: Yes.

Screen Rant: When you knew that you were getting involved, because Tom does a lot of his own stunts, did you feel… How did you feel about like, kind of embracing that side of this?

Henry Cavill: When I was brought onto it, onto the franchise, I saw it as more of an opportunity more than anything else. It was, I was excited to get stuck in. I literally said to him, guys, anything I'm to do, I'm in. Anything that I'm not legally bound not to do, I'm in.  Just put me in, coach and train me up. And they went, okay, cool. Let’s do it.

Screen Rant: I love it. Now you've stood shoulder to shoulder with Batman, Wonder Woman and a superhero in the film business, Tom Cruise. Was there any words of advice? Any poignant words of advice or any funny things that Tom shared with you?

Henry Cavill: Tom shared a lot of advice, as did McQ. It was mostly, I had the luxury of being on set with two titans of the industry and I could just ask them any question I wanted. And they said that. Hey, anything you want to know, just ask. Just like throw it out and hopefully we won't talk your ear off. I got very fortunate.

Screen Rant: Any talks of a Man of Steel 2?  Because Christopher, I'd spoken to him earlier and he says if it's a good story, he'd be interested in doing it. And he loved working with you. Have you heard anything?

Henry Cavill: Well, what I can tell you is, that there'll probably be another Superman movie somewhere in between 2019 to 2045.

Screen Rant: To 2045 (laughs). And there was a lot of rumors with Tom possibly playing the Green Lantern. Now that you've worked with Tom, would you like to see him in the DCEU?

Henry Cavill: I would love to work with Tom again. So, any opportunity I get would be enormous fun.

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