Mission: Impossible - Fallout Blu-ray Release Date Revealed

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 6

The Blu-ray release date for the latest Tom Cruise movie, Mission: Impossible- Fallout, has been revealed. The sixth installment of the Mission: Impossible series follows Ethan Hunt and his IMF team as they attempt to take down the organization known as the Apostles in order to reacquire three plutonium cores.

The Mission: Impossible franchise has always been in demand with movie-goers, but the series has seemingly only gotten more popular as it continues. The first Mission: Impossible was released in 1996 when Cruise was only 34 years old. Even though the film was towards the beginning of his acting career, Cruise had already starred in several hits like Top Gun and Rain Man. The series has spawned five sequels ever since, including the latest, Fallout. And, for many people, the series has just gotten better as it's gone along. Even at the age of 56, Cruise does most of his own stunts, making the Mission: Impossible franchise seem even more realistic than many other action flicks. Now, thanks to Cruise himself, fans know the home video release date for Fallout.

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Posting on his Twitter, Cruise revealed that Mission: Impossible- Fallout will be released on November 20 on Digital HD and December 4 on DVD and Blu-ray. Cruise also takes the time to thank those who saw the film in theaters and explains that the special features for the movie are currently being put together. Fallout was released on July 27, and, while it can still be found in a few theaters, Paramount is likely focusing on the sales for the upcoming home video release. Cruise's full Tweet can be seen below, along with a picture of himself and director Christopher McQuarrie.

Mission: Impossible- Fallout did well with fans and critics, but it also did incredibly well at the box office. In the film's second week, Fallout was not only still #1 at the box office, but it also broke a series record by pulling in $35 million. By mid-August, Mission: Impossible- Fallout had crossed $500 million worldwide. Needless to say, the film's digital and Blu-ray releases will be pulling even more money in for Paramount.

While Cruise mentions that "extras and behind the scenes footage" are being worked on for the release, he doesn't go into specifics about what the extras will be. McQuarrie previously stated that Fallout doesn't have any deleted scenes; however, it is known that at least three action sequences were missing from the final cut of the movie. Hopefully, when the Mission: Impossible- Fallout hits home video, those scenes will be included along with other extras.

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