Mission: Impossible - Fallout's Villain Plans & Twists Explained

Could August Walker or Solomon Lane Return?

At the end of Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Solomon Lane has escaped death once again and is returned to the custody of MI6. This clears Ilsa Faust's (Rebecca Ferguson) debt, since MI6 only wanted him dead because of their concerns about him passing on British intelligence to other nations. In theory, MI6 should lock Lane up and throw away the key, but there's a definite possibility that he will return in a future sequel. After all, if he was broken out once, he could be broken out again. It's also fair to say that Lane still has unfinished business, since Hunt and the IMF thwarted his plans to blow up the glacier.

The chances of August Walker returning, on the other hand, are... slim, to say the least. After having his face partially melted by aviation fuel, August is hanging precariously from the side of a cliff when a metal hook - dragged down by the full weight of a helicopter - smashes into his head and knocks him down. August falls from what has to be a lethal height and we see his body hit the rocks below, so if the hook to the head didn't kill him, the impact surely did.

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Though we may not see this villainous duo team up again, they certainly made for an entertaining contrast. Walker and Lane were effectively two halves of a Bond villain: Walker, the half that had a clear goal in mind and a simple means of achieving it; and Lane, the half that ends up sabotaging the plan because of his obsessive need to make the hero suffer.

All The Villain Twist Clues Were In The Trailers

Henry Cavill in helicopter in Mission Impossible Fallout

Of course, the biggest clue to Mission: Impossible - Fallout's villain twist was Henry Cavill's extremely villainous mustache, but there were also plenty of other hints in the trailers. For starters, one clip - in which Walker is supposedly outlining his reasoning for why Ethan Hunt would become John Lark - is actually a coded way of Walker explaining his own motivations: "How many times has Hunt's government betrayed him, disavowed him, cast him aside? How long before a man like that has had enough?" Other trailer clues as to the true nature of Cavill's character include Luther (Ving Rhames) saying, "He's not just some observer. He's an assassin."

The climactic helicopter battle between Ethan and Walker is also glimpsed in the trailers, and it's clear that Ethan's helicopter is being shot at while Walker does the shooting. If nothing else, that gave away the fact that Ethan and Walker would eventually end up on opposite sides - as does a trailer clip of Ethan and Walker fighting each other on top of the cliff. However, by revealing that Walker is a CIA agent who has orders to hunt Ethan down if he goes rogue, the trailers led people to assume that the clips of the two fighting are simply the result of Ethan going rogue and Walker doing his job.

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