Mission: Impossible 6 Set Photo Reunites Ethan & Luther

Ethan Hunt's most reliable teammate is back for Mission: Impossible 6 as Ving Rhames returns as Luther Stickell. Rhames has been part of the Mission: Impossible franchise from the very beginning and is actually the only other person besides Tom Cruise to appear in every single installment. Regardless of how large or small of roles he has had to play, Rhames has continued to be a welcome addition to the cast in each film. He returned in a prominent way in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, and was previously confirmed to be part of the upcoming movie.

Luther has been a constant figure in the franchise and has repeatedly shown being capable of helping Ethan get out of the most difficult situations. While we can't be sure what exactly the duo has gotten involved with this time around, the latest set photo brings them back together.

Director Christopher McQuarrie has shared glimpses from the production on his Instagram and continues to do so with the latest photo reuniting Ethan and Luther. Whatever mission they are on at this point in production is unclear, but has the pair bundled up. With production currently taking place in New Zealand, the cold temperatures may be worth it for the view.


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With a franchise like Mission: Impossible that has been ongoing for over twenty years, long-time fans of the franchise will continue to feel rewarded thanks to the various characters from different movies returning. Obviously, Cruise is once again starring as Hunt, and Rhames continues to be the other common thread. Meanwhile, Mission: Impossible III alums Simon Pegg (Benji) and Michelle Monaghan (Julia) will be back as well, while more recent additions like Sean Harris, Alec Baldwin, Rebecca Ferguson reprise their roles too.

These familiar faces will keep adding to these characters, but the film has also brought in many new faces. Henry Cavill is the biggest new addition to the cast, and his role has yet to be revealed. While his name is currently the biggest get thanks to his role as Superman for Warner Bros., adding Angela Bassett (Black Panther), Vanessa Kirby (The Crown), and Sian Brooke (Sherlock) doesn't hurt - and adds some impressive female talent. How all these faces of new and familiar come together remains to be seen, but already makes for a very intriguing cast. As long as the film can also deliver on the action the franchise is known for, this could be another big hit for Paramount next year.

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