Mission Impossible 6 Set Video: Tom Cruise Greets Crowd During Motorcycle Stunt

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2

Tom Cruise took some time while filming a new motorcycle stunt sequence for Mission: Impossible 6 to greet an awaiting crowd of onlookers. Of course, Cruise is a veteran of performing these kinds of high-octane stunts like almost no other actor working today is, and particularly in the Mission: Impossible franchise. After upping the ante with each new installment, the franchise reached a crescendo of espionage plotting and practical stunts in 2015's Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation. Now, with writer and director Christopher McQuarrie set to return for the sixth installment, following his work on Rogue Nation, the Mission crew look primed and ready to try and top themselves yet again.

Not much is known about the story or plot of Mission: Impossible 6 as of yet, with the film's cast list even featuring some noticeable omissions, including Jeremy Renner's William Brandt. But to the film's credit, McQuarrie and co. have done a spectacular job at rounding out the rest of the cast, with exciting new additions to the ensemble like Henry Cavill, Sian Brooke, and more.

Principal photography on Mission: Impossible 6 has been underway for several weeks now, as Cruise and company have been busy filming and putting together a number of intense chase sequences through the streets of Paris. And in a brand new video from the film's set (via Storm Shadow Crew), fans managed to catch yet another glimpse at one of the film's promising motorcycle chase sequences, with Cruise's Hunt trying to escape a number of pursuers. That is, before he seamlessly transitions out of character to wave to a crowd of awaiting fans anyways.

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In Rogue Nation, McQuarrie and Cruise managed to pull off one of the most intense motorcycle chase sequences in the entire history of the Mission: Impossible franchise, as he chased Rebecca Ferguson's Ilsa Faust through the windy mountains of Morocco. There was even a moment when Cruise's knee visibly grazed the street underneath him, which McQuarrie later confirmed was a real accident that Cruise simply recovered from and finished the scene with.

So if Mission: Impossible 6 is going to feature yet another one or two intense motorcycle chase sequences, then it'll certainly have some very high standards to live up to, but then again, Cruise has never quite been one to back away from a challenge onscreen before. Luckily, he won't be the only one returning to try and their performances in Rogue Nation either, with Rebecca Ferguson also confirmed to be returning for the film, as Ilsa and Ethan continue their possibly romantic, definitely engaging relationship. And at this point, there's no telling what or who it is that actually sends Ethan and his friends down a series of death-defying stunts this time around. In fact, all that's certain at this point, is that Mission: Impossible 6 is quickly shaping up to be one of the most anticipated blockbuster films of 2018.

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Source: StormShadowCrew

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