Mission: Impossible 6 Video Shows How Tom Cruise Broke His Ankle

A video from the set of Mission: Impossible - Fallout shows Tom Cruise breaking his ankle during a now-infamous botched stunt turned injury. Cruise suffered his injury last August, forcing production on the movie to shut down. Cruise has since returned to action on the film, and of course has resumed performing stunts. It will take more than one broken ankle to stop Tom Cruise.

With filming on Fallout back underway, a mended Cruise has been on a social media sharing binge. The other day Cruise revealed an image of a wild helicopter stunt from the movie. He also posted a shot on Instagram that revealed the movie's real title, Mission: Impossible - Fallout. A suddenly Instagram-happy Cruise has since posted an image of himself doing his best Superman impression. Cruise clearly wants us to know that he did a lot of stunts on this movie. Of course, stunts are nothing new for the actor, who has now become famous for his death-defying acts.

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Even Tom Cruise messes up occasionally though, as happened on the set of Fallout. Last August, Cruise put his foot in the wrong place during a building leap and suffered an ankle break. During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show this week, Cruise shared footage of the stunt that put him out of action. Cruise showed the leap from multiple angles, including a side-view that revealed exactly what happened. When blown-up and slowed down, you can clearly see Cruise's foot jamming into the building and bending. See the video above (warning: it's a little painful to watch).

Cruise made his Graham Norton appearance along with Fallout co-stars Rebecca Ferguson, Henry Cavill, and Simon Pegg. During the segment, Cruise talks all about what went wrong with the stunt that broke his ankle. He explains that he was actually supposed to land short of the roof and pull himself up. Everything went right with the stunt, except that Cruise's foot ended up in the wrong place. Cruise was able to pull himself onto the roof and limp past the camera to finish the shot. The actor says he knew immediately the ankle was broken, and told the crew he needed to go to the hospital. He also says the ankle break shots made it into the finished movie. Incidentally, Cruise also reveals a bit of a plot spoiler, telling viewers he was chasing Henry Cavill in the scene.

So we know that Mission: Impossible 6 will be packed with all the usual Tom Cruise action... and then some. We also know, thanks to recent comments from director Christopher McQuarrie, that the plot involves Ethan Hunt's past coming back to haunt him. And we know that Henry Cavill sports a mustache.

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Source: The Graham Norton Show

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