Mission: Impossible 6 Set Photos - Tom Cruise on a Motorcycle

Mission: Impossible 6 to film in 2017

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt is back on a motorcycle in the latest Mission: Impossible 6 set photos. Brad Bird's Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol gave the fading Mission: Impossible franchise a new lease on life back in 2011, garnering near-universal praise and critical acclaim for its fun espionage elements (including, its awe-inspiring sequence where Cruise swings around the tallest skyscraper in the world). Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation kept the series going strong (both critically and commercially) four years later, setting the stage for a sixth installment in the hit action movie franchise.

Writer and director Christopher McQuarrie - a frequent collaborator of Cruise's - will be returning behind the camera for next year's Mission: Impossible 6 as well, following his work on Rogue Nation in 2015. While Jeremy Renner isn't returning for the sixth "impossible mission", most of Cruise's other Rogue Nation costars are; including, that film's big breakout star, Rebecca Ferguson, who is reprising her role as Ilsa Faust once more.

Principal photography on Mission: Impossible 6 began this week in Paris - the first of many international filming locations scheduled for the movie - and it hasn't taken long for set photos from the production to begin surfacing online. Following the release of the first leaked Mission: Impossible 6 set photos, even more images from the production are now online, via Coming Soon. These pics tease an action sequence focusing on Cruise's Ethan Hunt speeding through the streets of Paris on a motorcycle, as you can see below:

See Tom Cruise in new Mission: Impossible 6 set photos! #missionimpossible6

— (@comingsoonnet) April 11, 2017

Both these images and previously-leaked Mission: Impossible set photos feature Sean Harris, who is reprising his role as Lane (the villainous terrorist from Rogue Nation) in the movie. He's sporting the same straitjacket he was seen wearing earlier, while being transferred from a helicopter drop-off, and then possibly being taken by police escort to a new location. Cruise's Ethan Hunt is present for both events - and judging by the sheer size of the sequence itself and the stunts that look to be involved in it, it's possible that Mission: Impossible 6 will involve Lane trying to break out from police custody.

This is speculation, of course, based solely on the information provided from the set photos. If Mission: Impossible 6 does focus heavily on Lane once again, then the new installment will have more continuity to its predecessor than the Mission: Impossible franchise has had in a long time. For the most part, even, the previous three installments have all been self-contained stories, with different villains and problems for Ethan and his team to solve each time. So if Mission: Impossible 6 ends up featuring possibly the same threat as Rogue Nation, with a number of the same characters returning also, then it'll be interesting to see just how much that changes the rhythm of this new installment.

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