Mission: Impossible 6 Set Photos - Ethan Hunt Finds New Love

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Recently released set photos from the upcoming Mission: Impossible 6 showcase a portion of the film's expected action, as well as Ethan Hunt getting cozy with the new female lead. Since debuting in 1996, the M:I movie franchise has only gotten stronger as it moves along, raising excitement and anticipation for next summer's installment. Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie is returning to call the shots on this adventure, which will look to top the previous entries with all the outrageous stunts fans have come to expect. Production began about a month ago, with the IMF going to locations like Paris this time around.

Though Jeremy Renner was unable to return due to his Avengers: Infinity War obligations, McQuarrie has still assembled a killer ensemble around star Tom Cruise. Rogue Nation standout Rebecca Ferguson will reprise Ilsa Faust, and franchise veterans such as Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames are back as well. As for newcomers, DCEU Superman Henry Cavill is on board and The Crown actress Vanessa Kirby also joined as a female lead back in March. These two are featured in new set photos from the film that have made their way online.

Appearing on Just Jared, the images tease a couple of potentially key sequences from the movie. First, Cruise and Cavill are involved in some form of set piece involving trucks. This is most likely a vehicle chase through the streets of Paris, only instead of a motorcycle or a stylish sports car, Ethan will be driving something a little bulkier. There's also a batch of pictures of a scene with Cruise and Kirby, showing their characters may have some romantic feelings for each other. The two share a kiss during their interaction, so it appears Ethan has found a new love (unless this is for show or part of a hustle). You can check out the photos below:

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Supraman Henry Cavill Tom Cruise Mission Impossible

The dynamic between Cruise and Kirby is interesting, since Ethan is still presumably married to his wife Julia, played by Michelle Monaghan in the third and fourth films. Ghost Protocol revealed the two are separated to keep Julia safe while Hunt goes out on dangerous missions (going as far as to fake Julia's death), but they likely still have feelings for each other. Not many details are known about Kirby's character, so the nature of her role is a mystery for the time being. Viewers shouldn't expect to learn much until Paramount decides to rev up the official marketing, meaning they'll have to draw their own conclusions right now. Whoever Kirby is, she seems to have left an impression on Ethan.

As for Cavill, when he was first cast, it was said he'd be the right-hand man of Hunt's boss, but it looks like he'll be doing some field work and isn't just sitting in an office. The actor should be a strong fit in the M:I universe, as he delivered an entertaining performance in the period espionage flick The Man from U.N.C.L.E. back in 2015. Additionally, Cavill's experience as Kal-El in the latest DC films proves he has what it takes to handle large amounts of action, and if he's following Cruise around, he might be called upon to do things even Superman would balk at. After all, Cruise is famous for his insane commitment to stunts.

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