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Mission: Impossible 6 set photo reveals Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust in writer/director Christopher McQuarrie next franchise entry. It's hard to think of an actor or actress who's had as noticeable and impactful of a breakout performance in a blockbuster film from the past few years as Rebecca Ferguson did in 2015's Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation. Quickly becoming one of the franchise's best characters to date, with shades of Ingrid Bergman thrown in, Ferguson went from being a relatively unknown actress at the time to being one of the most sought after in the industry. When looking at the material that the film's writer and director, Christopher McQuarrie, gave her to work with, it's not hard to see why either.

There was a brief period of time following Rogue Nation's release, when it wasn't clear if Ferguson would be returning in Mission: Impossible 6 or not, even when McQuarrie was confirmed to return as its writer and director. Luckily, those concerns were eventually lifted when Ferguson was announced for Mission: Impossible 6, promising fans that they will indeed get to see even more of her and Ethan Hunt's (Tom Cruise) entertaining spy banter.

Mission: Impossible 6 began filming just last week, with several intense car chase sequences already being shot on the streets of Paris. But finally, the first look at Ferguson's return as Ilsa Faust has been revealed. McQuarrie himself released the teaser image from the film's production on his Instagram page, featuring the actress standing in one of the film's sets. However, it's hard to make out quite what the location actually is. Check it out for yourself down below:

Ilsa's back...

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Notably, Ilsa looks more business-like and formal in this image than she ever did in Mission: Impossible 5, with a majority of her costumes being casual wear or fancy, high-end dresses. What exactly that means regarding where Ilsa is and how she's doing when Mission: Impossible 6 catches back up with her is hard to say, especially since McQuarrie and co. have been mostly tight-lipped about revealing any and all plot details from the new film.

But even with the frustrating lack of story details, it's hard not to get excited for Mission: Impossible 6 at this point. Much like Cruise's career over the past several years, the franchise has experienced a revival that few others ever have. Beginning with Brad Bird's Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol in 2011 and continuing with Rogue Nation, Ethan Hunt's spy adventures only appear to be getting more and more visceral and entertaining with each new installment. That's not something that most fans might have seen coming, and now, it's all on the shoulders of Mission: Impossible 6 to keep that upswing going.

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