Mission: Impossible 6 - Tom Cruise Heads to Paris for Pre-Production

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After some hiccups in early development, Tom Cruise is gearing up for the start of filming on Mission: Impossible 6. Two decades ago, it might have seemed unlikely that Mission: Impossible would become one of the most bankable franchises in Hollywood - and yet here we are. The series has managed to keep itself fresh and interesting installment after installment. The last entry, Rogue Nation, earned a solid $682 million at the global box office and garnered an impressive 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, flying in the face of the notion that franchises get worse and worse with every sequel.

With five movies under its belt, the Mission: Impossible franchise has managed to keep itself both alive and bankable throughout the years. Its recent success can arguably be attributed to writer/director Christopher McQuarrie, who breathed new life into the series with Rogue Nation. His success there assured that Tom Cruise would return as Ethan Hunt for a sixth time. Now, after a series of financial disputes and casting problems, Mission: Impossible 6 has gotten back on track.

A new series of photos released by Just Jared (see below) shows Cruise arriving in Paris to begin pre-production on the next installment of the film, which reteams the actor with McQuarrie once more. While we still know little about what to expect from the sixth entry into the franchise, we do know that production is underway and set for the film’s release date next year. Joining Cruise are his Rogue Nation costars Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg, as well as franchise newcomer Henry Cavill, among others.

Tom Cruise casually arrives on the set of #missionimpossible6 by helicopter.

— (@JustJared) April 7, 2017

Cruise and McQuarrie have established a long-running working relationship now. McQuarrie not only directed the actor in the first Jack Reacher movie before Rogue Nation, he also wrote the Cruise-headlined films Valkyrie and Edge of Tomorrow, in addition to co-writing the upcoming The Mummy starring (you guessed it) Cruise. Their success together has been impressive, but never more impressive than in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation.

That McQuarrie is  onboard for Mission: Impossible 6 is good news for fans of the series. McQuarrie, as a writer, knows how to build suspense and can work in a solid bait and switch, as evidenced by his Oscar-winning debut screenplay, The Usual Suspects. His knowledge and skill works well with the tone of the Mission: Impossible series and elevates them beyond mere summer popcorn flicks.

Cruise, for his part, has been putting in series work to prepare for the next outing. The actor reportedly spent a year training for a Mission: Impossible 6 stunt; one that producer David Ellison says will “top anything that’s come before.” Those are bold words, considering previous installments of the series have found Cruise hanging off the side of an airplane as it takes off, as well as scaling the side of the tallest building in the world.

Source: Just Jared

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