'Mission: Impossible 6' Already in Development

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The Mission: Impossible franchise enjoyed a rejuvenation of sorts in 2011, when Brad Bird's Ghost Protocol became a critical and commercial smash, earning more money globally than any previous film in the series. Paramount is hoping that forward momentum can continue this summer, when Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation hits theaters, and all signs are currently pointing to another big hit for the studio. Even though it's been around for nearly two decades, M:I is still a viable option for moviegoers around the world.

Considering Paramount is one of the few big studios to not be involved in the superhero game, they need to get creative with their tentpoles and make do with what they have. This can mainly be illustrated by their decision to move forth with a Transformers shared movie universe, but their business strategizing applies to the IMF as well, since they allegedly already have a sixth installment in development.

The news comes as an exclusive courtesy of The Tracking Board, who says Tom Cruise, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and J.J. Abrams are all returning to produce the film for Bad Robot. There's currently no word on who will direct (or who's being eyed to), but we can expect it will be a newcomer to the franchise. That has been one of M:I's calling cards throughout its history, and arguably part of what has kept the brand so popular after all these years.

It's also unknown which cast members will be appearing, but Tracking Board states that the ensemble team from the past two entries (Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, etc.) is expected to all come back. That wouldn't be totally surprising, seeing as how this particular crew has developed a nice chemistry with each other through their multiple missions. Continuity is becoming more and more prevalent in major franchises (even James Bond is embracing it), so the filmmakers will more than likely be trying to get the band back together - with a few changes if need be (Rebecca Ferguson for Paula Patton).

If anything, a Rogue Nation sequel getting the green light this early is a sign of confidence in Christopher McQuarrie's film. Paramount obviously has faith that the movie will be a big box office draw and maintain viewer interest in more impossible missions. And while it remains to be seen how the project will perform, the film's trailer certainly didn't harm anticipation, with it hinting at another fun adventure full of wild action and the insane stunts people have come to expect from this series. As long as the overall reception is positive, then the demand for a sixth installment will certainly be there.

Mission Impossible 6 in development

Even though Paramount is moving forward on Mission: Impossible 6, fans shouldn't start holding their breath waiting for it to hit theaters. This is a series that likes to take its time between movies. For example, five years passed between Mission: Impossible 3 and Ghost Protocol, and Rogue Nation is arriving four years after its predecessor. As Renner continues to fulfill his Marvel duties and Cruise makes whatever new films come his way (not to mention, Pegg's preoccupied with Star Trek 3), it may be some time before the schedules line up for principal photography to commence. This sounds like a simple business deal so the studio has something lined up for when the cards fall into place.

But hopefully the project can come into fruition sooner rather than later. It would be nice to have an M:I film be put on the fast track, especially if Rogue Nation delivers the goods and is another solid entry. Studios always prefer to strike when the iron is hot, and as the Hollywood tentpole landscape becomes more and more cluttered, they'd be best served to make this movie as soon as possible instead of biding their time and losing interest amidst the flurry of superhero, Star Wars, and other genre pictures making their way to a multiplex near you.


Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation will be in theaters July 31, 2015. We'll keep you updated on the progress of Mission: Impossible 6.

Source: The Tracking Board

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