Jurassic World 2 IMAX Screenings Include Mission: Impossible 6 Sneak Peek

Viewers who catch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in IMAX will be treated to a sneak peek of Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Over the years, the M:I franchise has become famous for Tom Cruise's extreme dedication to practical stunt work, as the actor always goes the extra mile for his craft. For this latest installment, Cruise learned how to fly a helicopter, jumped rooftops, and went skydiving out of a plane. He seems to try to one-up himself each time out, going bigger and crazier in the Mission films.

Because of the grand scale and scope, Mission: Impossible is tailor-made for IMAX, thrilling audiences with death-defying set pieces in the premium format. Director Christopher McQuarrie actually shot the film with IMAX cameras, meaning that's the way he intended fans to see it in theaters. Though moviegoers have to wait until July to see the final product, this weekend will offer a small tease.

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IMAX revealed today by way of posting a video on their official YouTube channel that people who see Fallen Kingdom in IMAX this weekend will see an exclusive sneak peek of Fallout. There's no word on which scene from M:I 6 will be shown, but it'll likely be one of Cruise's trademark stunts. Watch the video in the space above.

Tom Cruise hanging from a cliff in Mission Impossible Fallout

This isn't the first time the Mission: Impossible series has done something like this. Back in 2015, an IMAX preview of Rogue Nation was attached to screenings of Terminator: Genisys. Ideally, the extended look at Fallout will be seen by more people. Fallen Kingdom is projected to win the box office weekend with about $129 million, which is considerably higher than Genisys' $27 million debut haul. Mission: Impossible is going stronger than ever, but getting plenty of eyes in front of an extended look should only help its commercial prospects. If the sneak peek goes over well with viewers, more people will likely be inclined to see Fallout in theaters. It remains to be seen how the action film is tracking, but the expectation is for it to be another hit.

It should be interesting to see how Fallout shapes up. This marks the first time in the franchise's 22-year history the same director has called the shots on multiple installments (McQuarrie also helmed Rogue Nation), so the onus will be on him to keep things fresh and exciting. Previously, the series thrived thanks to a revolving door of unique cinematic voices, but things should be just fine here. McQuarrie has worked quite well with Cruise numerous times in the past, and marketing is hinting at a thrilling story full of twists and turns. In all probability, a seventh entry is right around the corner.

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