Tom Cruise Flies Off A Building In New Mission: Impossible 6 Image

Tom Cruise flies while performing yet another daring stunt in the newest image from Mission: Impossible - Fallout. As one of the biggest action stars in the world, there isn't much of anything Cruise will shy away from. His willingness to attempt the impossible is what has elevated the Mission: Impossible franchise in recent years especially. He's scaled the tallest building in the world, hung off the side of an airplane, held his breath for six minutes, and much more. To the surprise of no one, Fallout will continue to up the ante.

Promotion for Fallout kicked off strong yesterday with the announcement of its title, along with the release of the Fallout synopsis and first official image. The photo teases one of the major stunts in the film, as Cruise's Ethan Hunt is shown holding onto the side of a helicopter. That is far from the only stunt Cruise will be tackling in the next Mission: Impossible movie though, as the latest promotional image from the film illustrates.

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Cruise shared another photo from Mission: Impossible - Fallout through his social media accounts today, and it shows the actor performing a rather dangerous jump. Hunt is shown in mid-air here, as he leaps from one building to another, and his current trajectory doesn't make it look like an effortless jump at that.

Get ready for the most thrilling mission yet…

— Tom Cruise (@TomCruise) January 26, 2018

If this image seems familiar, that's because it isn't the first time we've seen this stunt. This appears to be the same stunt that caused quite a few headaches for Fallout when in one attempt, Cruise broke his ankle. The photo may not have been taken of that particular attempt, but it is almost certainly the same stunt; the buildings are even the same as the ones in the set video that shows Cruise's injury. Based on that clip, we know Hunt won't effortlessly clear the gap. Instead, he's going to slam right into the side of the building, before pulling himself back up. That was always the plan too, according to director Christopher McQuarrie.

The first trailer for Fallout is confirmed to arrive next Sunday during the Super Bowl, so this likely isn't the last image that will be released before then. McQuarrie released plenty of his own teaser images during Fallout's production but hopefully subsequent images will focus on things other than Cruise's stunts. Fans are very excited for Rebecca Ferguson's Ilsa Faust to return in Fallout, following her debut in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. The movie also features Michelle Monaghan's return to the series, though there aren't many details on her role in the story yet.

As for the newcomers in Fallout - their ranks include both Angela Bassett and The Crown's Vanessa Kirby, in roles that have yet to be fully unveiled. And that's to say nothing of the attention that Henry Cavill's mustache in the film has received already, and will continue to receive in the coming months.

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