Mission: Impossible 6 to Begin Filming in Fall of 2016

Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

As far as the spy genre goes, few other titles or franchises have recently done as much to breathe new life into the genre as Mission: Impossible has. Mixing humor, suspense, action, and some of the most outrageous stunts ever seen, the franchise has not only set the standard for others attempting to follow in its wake, but it’s also continually pushed itself to greater heights - sometimes, quite literally.

There have been five films in the franchise since the first Mission: Impossible arrived in 1996 and each of these has brought something different to the series. One constant however, has been the involvement of Tom Cruise, taking on duties behind the scenes as producer as well as front and center as IMF operative Ethan Hunt. His connection to the series has played no small part in pushing things forward on a tremendous scale and making M:I stand out in the process.

Though fans of the franchise were certain there would be more from Ethan Hunt and his crew after 2015’s Rogue Nation, no one was sure exactly when. That news has now arrived courtesy of Comic Book, who are reporting that during Paramount’s presentation at the recent CinemaCon 2016, Tom Cruise appeared via taped message to reveal that Mission: Impossible 6 will begin filming in the fall of 2016.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

The bulk of Cruise’s message was meant to introduce new footage from the upcoming Jack Reacher sequel, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, but Cruise couldn’t help slipping in some news on M:I6Rogue Nation writer and director Christopher McQuarrie is once again returning to direct a script he wrote and Cruise referenced this by hinting that McQuarrie has written a "very entertaining and compelling story" that will include plenty of "big stunts" for the actor to take on. Aside from both McQuarrie and Cruise returning for their next mission, Rebecca Ferguson, who starred as Ilsa Faust in Rogue Nation, will also be back. At present there is no further confirmation regarding the return of other cast members such as Simon Pegg or Ving Rhames, but there is currently a rumor that Jeremy Renner might return.

The prospect of another Mission: Impossible installment is an exciting one for any fan of the franchise, thanks in no small part to Cruise’s stunt work. In past films we’ve seen him push the envelope on numerous levels by scaling mountains, the tallest building in the world, and most recently clutching the side of an A400m Air Bus during take-off. Each film allows Cruise to really dig in and give his audiences at least one thing to remember and it’s for this reason why Mission: Impossible is arguably towering above other series’ in the genre -- including James Bond.

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back opens in U.S. theaters on October 21st, 2016. We'll bring you more information on Mission: Impossible 6 as it becomes available.

Source: Comic BookVariety

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