Tom Cruise & Rebecca Ferguson Face-Off In Mission: Impossible 6 Image

Ethan Hunt and Isla Faust are stylishly dressed and ready for action in the newest image from Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Actress Rebecca Ferguson first portrayed MI6 agent Faust in 2015's Rogue Nation, quickly establishing herself as a fan-favorite and worthy equal to Cruise's Hunt. Knowing what he had in the character, director Christopher McQuarrie made sure to bring her back for the sequel, where she'll be a returning member of Ethan's team. The Mission: Impossible franchise has a habit of giving Cruise a rotating crew of supporting spies, but this is one instance where viewers will be happy to see some continuity.

Paramount has been hyping up their summer blockbuster ahead of the Super Bowl LII trailer debut with still images showcasing (among other things) Cruise performing death-defying stunts and Henry Cavill's infamous mustache that caused so many problems for Justice League. Now, the spotlight turns to Isla Faust once again in a new photo from the film.

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Cruise shared the latest picture on his Twitter account, which features Ethan and Isla in semi-formal attire as they stand face-to-face, presumably before tackling a task pertinent to their assignment. Based on the outfits, this may not be one of Mission: Impossible's famous fancy ball gala set pieces (Ethan is sans tie, for instance), but the location does appear to be somewhat extravagant. Check out the picture in the space below:

In addition to the Fallout title, an official Mission: Impossible 6 synopsis was recently revealed, implying Ethan's IMF team will be dealing with the consequences of a mission gone wrong. McQuarrie becomes the first person to direct two installments in the film series, and he'll be looking to one-up the impressive collection of action sequences that made Rogue Nation a standout genre flick. With Cruise surfing on helicopters and leaping off buildings, there should be no shortage of jaw-dropping set pieces that leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Hopefully, Ferguson will get some memorable moments of her own. The Rogue Nation advertising campaign did a stellar job of keeping some key scenes under wraps, so odds are Paramount will look to replicate that strategy here and leave some surprises for viewers.

The James Bond and Jason Bourne franchises were both bit by the franchise fatigue bug over the last few years, and some could be concerned something similar is about to happen to M:I. However, the property is arguably stronger than it's ever been, as Rogue Nation earned very positive reviews and grossed $682.7 million at the global box office. It'll be interesting to see if McQuarrie can keep things fresh his second time out, as part of the series' longevity can be attributed to the various helmsmen injecting their personal styles in the sandbox. Fans will get a better idea of what Fallout has to offer soon, but by all accounts, there's still plenty of gas in the tank.

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