Mission: Impossible - Fallout Cut THREE Major Action Sequences From The Trailers

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Other Mission: Impossible - Fallout Trailer Scenes That Were Cut

The previous three sequences aren't the sum total of moments from Mission: Impossible - Fallout's marketing that didn't make the silver screen, with several dialogue moments also absent: CIA Director Erica Sloane calling Hunt a "liability"; Benji questioning if their plan is a good idea; Luthor telling Ethan that Walker is an "assassin". These, however, aren't as striking as the others; it's much more common for specific lines to be used prominently in trailers then not make the final cut. This is a pretty standard side effect on editing, and is certainly not on the scale of entire sequences.

Why Were The Major Sequences Cut From Mission: Impossible 6?

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While it's interesting to note that these scenes were cut from Mission: Impossible - Fallout and what purpose they played in the narrative as originally intended, the bigger question is why. The simplest answer is timing. Mission: Impossible - Fallout is a long film as released, so anything non-narrative needed to justify its place. Speaking to Collider, McQuarrie revealed that even while shooting there were scenes the director knew wouldn't make it past the assembly cut and that the first nearly-complete version had a full 23 minutes of extra footage included. Slicing the film down to size required alterations to the entire picture:

"There were scenes that we really loved that were things we really believed in and wanted to. Tom had stuff he loved, I had things that I loved, we had things that we loved together. But even if a line of dialogue had come out, even if it was one we loved and it comes out without interrupting the story, we took it out. Sometimes it was just frames here or there."

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As for why these entire scenes were elected to come out, it was more pacing than overall time. Speaking to Digital Spy, McQuarrie stated it was more about the amount of action in the film:

"We put together this big, giant film and we were testing the movie, we tested it four times before we finally finished it, and there was just so much action in the movie. We had to choose what was going to stay and what will go."

As already highlighted, these three scenes were all plot-inessential, offering some thrilling or atmospheric moments but not really pushing the story forward. That doesn't make them unnecessary entirely, but definitely suitable candidates to cut when things need adjusting. Given the rave reviews for Mission: Impossible - Fallout, the movie certainly didn't need them.

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