Christopher McQuarrie Teases Mission: Impossible 6 Trailer Release

Director Christopher McQuarrie teases the first trailer for Mission: Impossible 6 will be released soon. When it comes to big budget action franchises, not many can contend with Mission: Impossible. With a star like Tom Cruise pushing the limits in every outing, the films only continue to go bigger. This has really been the case over the last two films, which just so happen to be the franchise's two biggest installments. The most recent, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, received stellar reviews at the hands of McQuarrie. He's returning to direct the sixth film, making him the first director to tackle two Mission: Impossible movies.

The sequel is one of 2018's most anticipated blockbusters, but also one that has had a fair share of controversy. It is this movie that caused Henry Cavill's mustache to become such a big story after all. But more importantly, it also suffered a set back when Cruise broke his foot late last year. He's all healed up now and they're finishing filming, and it looks like the trailer is on its way, too.

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McQuarrie teased on Instagram today that he is in the editing bay putting the final touches on the first trailer. This could be the first piece of official marketing for the film, unless they release some promotional stills before then. The director doesn't offer up a tease for when it will debut, but there's plenty of options ahead.

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The biggest and quickest spotlight MI6 could get would be a debut during Super Bowl LII. The Super Bowl is always a huge draw and studios usually are willing to spend to reach that audience. Not only would that likely be the soonest Paramount drops it, but this is a franchise that fits well with the energy that comes with the NFL's biggest game. Adding even more credence to this theory, Paramount is already known to have bought commercial time. They could choose to debut Cloverfield 3's trailer instead, but the timing of McQuarrie's tease lines up here, too.

If the trailer doesn't come with Super Bowl 52, Paramount still has options available. They could wait a few weeks and put it in theaters with Black Panther and its potentially record-setting audiences. If not there, then the studio could always decide to hold off just one more week and put it with their upcoming release of Annihilation. Alex Garland's sci-fi film probably wouldn't give the trailer as much exposure however. Whatever the case may be, we are getting closer to seeing what Ethan Hunt, Isla Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), and others are up against next.

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