'Mission: Impossible 5' Set Images Offer First Look at Rebecca Ferguson

Mission: Impossible 5 cast

Tom Cruise's most recent films (Jack Reacher, Oblivion, Edge of Tomorrow) have all been moderately successful at the box office, though his ticket sales ought to jump back up with Mission: Impossible 5 next year. Production on this next installment in the covert operative action franchise has now moved to London, under the direction of Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie - making his fourth professional collaboration with Cruise overall.

The Mission: Impossible 5 cast also includes Jeremy Renner - who became a part of the franchise starting with director Brad Bird's Ghost Protocol - as well as Simon Pegg (a Mission: Impossible staple since the third installment) and Ving Rhames, who's been along for the ride (with Cruise) since the beginning. McQuarrie posted a picture of the boys back together to his Twiter account a couple weeks ago (see above), but the image didn't include another essential star - Rebecca Ferguson, who's playing the movie's female lead.

Ferguson, who received a Golden Globe nomination for her leading role on the mini-series The White Queen, played a small role in Brett Ratner's Hercules over the summer, but for many filmgoers Mission: Impossible 5 will be an introduction to the young rising star (who's been acting professionally since 1999). Coming Soon has posted a gallery of set images from the Mission: Impossible 5 shoot in London, offering a first look at Ferguson in the movie.


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The White Queen's Rebecca Ferguson cast in Mission: Impossible 5
Rebecca Ferguson as 'The White Queen'

Admittedly, beyond her appearance and evidence that she'll be performing death-defying stunts alongside Cruise in the film, these set pics don't reveal much about Ferguson's role in the fifth Mission: Impossible. Then again, much of the movie remains a mystery for now, be it the identity of the villain - a role that Sean Harris (Prometheus) has been circling - or the basic setup for the story by screenwriters Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) and Will Staples (the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3).

Of course, we can make an educated guess, based on McQuarrie's tendencies as a filmmaker. He's known for genre movies that take place in worlds that are relatively grounded (in terms of their physical mechanics), yet allow for narratives full of more daring twists and turns. Jack Reacher certainly fits that description, while Edge of Tomorrow - which McQuarrie co-wrote but did not direct - likewise took a similar approach with its sci-fi premise.

That is to say, whereas Ghost Protocol wed elaborate action with a straight-foward plot, Mission: Impossible 5 may do the opposite - blend more down to Earth action (literally, after the Burj Khalifa sequence) with a comparatively elaborate storyline. That not only sounds like a good way to keep the Mission: Impossible brand feeling fresh, but McQuarrie's previous work bodes well for the quality of the final product.

Mission: Impossible 5 arrives in U.S. theaters on December 25th, 2015.

Source: Coming Soon

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