Tom Cruise In For Mission Impossible 4, Release Date Set

Three weeks ago we reported on a red carpet interview with J.J. Abrams where he was questioned about the status and plans for Mission: Impossible IV. He of course was the man behind M:I:III but wouldn't budge too much when it came to direct answers about the fourth. He would only reveal in response to questions about Tom Cruise returning to the franchise for a fourth go by saying, “The goal would be for that to occur.”

They've reached that goal my friends and it's now confirmed that Paramount Pictures has inked a deal with Tom Cruise for him to star again as Ethan Hunt. Not only that, but they've set the release date for Mission: Impossible IV as well.

Last summer we found out that Tom had requested that J.J. be involved with the production of the fourth Mission: Impossible and he happily accepted. A mere two months later, Abrams went ahead and found writers for the movie in Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec who he worked with on Alias. The pair were also responsible for the series Life on Mars.

The one unknown factor still is who will be helming the project. J.J. Abrams made it clear that he won't be directing M:I:IV but he is producing alongside Cruise.

I liked J.J.'s Mission: Impossible III and I thought it was a vast improvement over the second installment. I'm excited to see what he and Cruise bring this time and who they select to direct.

Are you excited to see Tom Cruise back as Ethan Hunt?

Mission: Impossible IV is planned to begin shooting this summer for a Memorial Day 2011 weekend release.

Source: Deadline

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