Mission Impossible 3: From bad to worse?

A recent article by Vic indicated that production for Mission Impossible 3 has been delayed until summer 2005. I found several recent developments on the movie interesting. The movie has had quite a revolving door when it comes to the director. (The latest director, Joe Carnahan, bailed due to creative differences.) Wanna guess who the current choice is? J.J. Abrams, otherwise known as the guy who butchered the Superman script. Turns out, Abrams almost had to bail when he couldn't commit to the original start date of September 2004. (He's currently doing a new TV show, Lost.) However, given the new schedule, he no longer has a conflict, so he will remain the director.

It gets even better. Not only will he direct (this will be his feature film directorial debut), but he will also be "rewriting" Frank Darabont's script. Frank Darabont is an outstanding writer; why anyone would feel a need to punch up his script is beyond me. With Cruise's attention focused elsewhere, Abrams may end up getting quite a bit more creative freedom than he otherwise would.

Anyone who has watched Alias knows that Abrams can be good when he wants to be, but I certainly hope he does a better job with M:I 3 than he did with Superman. Given these latest developments, along with the fact that Kenneth Branagh (one of my least favorite actors) has been cast, I have a bad feeling about this movie.

Source: E! Online


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