Misfits: The 10 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were suddenly granted super powers? Five "misfits" performing community service didn't have to wonder; after a freak geo-storm one day, they all started exhibiting signs of certain special abilities. Over the course of five seasons, the teen drama Misfits on E4 explored their lives as they grappled with the ramifications of their newfound gifts, and what happened when others started discovering them.

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Nathan, Curtis, Alisha, Kelly, and Simon each had vastly different personalities, and they soon realized their powers reflected that. Simon, ever the introvert, gained the power of invisibility. Curtis, regretful of throwing away a bright future as a track star, gained the ability to turn back time. But they weren't the only ones - as the popular series progressed, they encountered more characters who'd been affected by the storm, with good and bad outcomes. Below are the 10 most powerful characters in Misfits, ranked.

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Alisha initially gets by far one of the worst super powers - the ability to arouse sexual desire in any person she touches/touches her. While it's incredibly effective in terms of convincing someone to do what you want by way of feminine wiles, it prevents her from having any meaningful romantic contact (a bit like Rogue from X-Men).

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Later in the series, when she interacts with Seth the power dealer, she exchanges her gift of sexual arousal for the ability to see out of the eyes of others. That doesn't just give her an innate sense of empathy, but allows her to gather useful information from other people's perspectives.


Wise-cracking Kelly initially gets given the power of telepathy, which doesn't start off well. Everyone's thoughts are invasive to her, rattling around like an echo chamber. When her friends learn her power, they eventually learn to communicate with her by letting her read their thoughts at key moments.

Eventually, Kelly strikes a bargain with Seth the power dealer and gets a certain affinity for electronics and mechanical engineering. Tired of being thought of as dumb all her life, she decided she'd select a power that instantly let her know how any complex piece of machinery or system works.


First introduced in a flash-forward vision of the future that Curtis has, where he's standing on the edge of a building dressed in a bodysuit and cape, Nikki approaches him as a beautiful stranger. When he meets her in his real time line, he's still dating Alisha, but feels inexplicably drawn to her.

Nikki doesn't have any powers to speak of - in fact, she has a weak heart and could suffer from heart failure at any moment. She gets a heart transplant from a recent murder victim named Ollie who had the ability to teleport. When she receives his heart, she gains the power of teleportation, and uses it to save Curtis (who's now her boyfriend) and his friends.


Lucy befriended Simon after he was arrested for attempted arson. They became mates while in the psychiatric ward, though Lucy began to see them as a bit more than that. When she ran into Simon again when he was doing his stint in community service, she thought they'd resume their bond. Simon favored his new group of pals over her.

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Lucy didn't take this well, and decided if Simon wanted to spend so much time wit his "friends", then she would inhabit each of them, and make him see why they weren't hanging around. She could do this because she was a shapeshifter, able to turn into anyone she wanted to at any time.


A pious young woman who believes that only a strong adherence to morals and virtues will make the world a better place, Rachel begins to spread her gospel through the power of suggestion. She was ridiculed for her virginal ways prior to the geo-storm, and now condemns anyone that engages in salacious activities.

All she has to do is utter a select few words to make those around her enthralled with her message, and soon they're trading in leather pants for pastel colored cardigans and following her virtuous path. It took Nathan and his friends putting in ear-buds to drown her out, when she'd already been able to influence hundreds of young people.


While it may not sound that dangerous lactokinesis, the ability to manipulate dairy products, turns out to be one of the more powerful abilities in the series. When Brian discovers that he has the gift by levitating milk from a glass bottle into his cereal after the geo-storm, he becomes a sensation and dubbed "the milk magician".

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Fame goes to his head, however, and when the gang of misfits get recognized for their powers as well, he doesn't want any competition. He begins to attack them one by one, manipulating the dairy products that they've ingested. He can make the mozzarella sticks you had for lunch constrict your arteries or make you choke on the yogurt you had for breakfast.


Of all of his friends, Curtis begins his life as a super powered being with one of the most potent abilities, and continues to gain new ones. Initially, he has the power to turn back time when experiencing guilt. Unfortunately, he can't control when this happens, as it tends to kick in when he's experiencing a sudden rush of huge emotions.

Later in the series, when he bargains with Seth the power dealer, he trades this ability for two rather interesting new ones; the ability to swap genders, and the ability to resurrect the dead. Unfortunately in the case of the latter, the dead return s zombies.


Seth was introduced in the Christmas special of the series and wasn't intended to be a regular part of the cast, but the writers felt his abilities would allow for a way to change the direction of the narrative from time to time. Seth was a drug dealer before the geo-storm, and afterwards became a dealer of powers.

Seth has the unique gift of being able to buy, sell, and trade powers, though he cannot use any of them himself. His position grants him a great deal of power and influence even among the super powered community, as he is all that stands between them and upgrading.


Simon begins the series as a shy recluse, an introvert who doesn't have an affinity for making friends. He feels invisible to everyone around him, and after the geo-storm, actually gains that power. He's able to use it to gain all sorts of information for his friends, as well as be an expert spy.

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Later on, he goes to Seth the power dealer and is granted the ability to see the future. He uses this ability to alter the course of the future for his friends, often having to show up at the right place at the right time to ensure that events go exactly as planned so as not to disrupt the future.


Ironically, the person who has the greatest power in the series doesn't gain it until almost the end of the first season. Nathan is one of the most irresponsible and reckless of the group, always on hand with a caustic remark and an annoying opinion. What power does one of the most grating personalities get to have? Immortality, ensuring his mates are stuck with him forever.

Of course this all goes straight to his head, and he uses every opportunity to test the awesomeness of his power. He dies several times throughout the first few seasons (whether by his own hand or someone else's) and just pops back to life without a care in the world.

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