Mirror's Edge TV Series in Development

Video game fans worldwide have no doubt thought the cinematic qualities of many major titles would make for great blockbuster films. With this year's high-profile releases of both Warcraft and Assassin's Creed, it seems studios everywhere are looking to put their focus on making video game adaptations the new comic book adaptations. One such piece of video game IP, Mirror's Edge, is certainly a top candidate for transitioning into the world of film, but now one studio sees it transitioning to the small screen instead.

A new report states that Endemol Shine Studios has acquired the rights to adapt the 2008 free-running action-adventure game Mirror's Edge into a television series.

For those who are unfamiliar, the first person game centers around Faith Connors, a "runner" in a quasi-futuristic dystopian society that is ruled with the ever-watchful eye of a totalitarian government. All communications are monitored and surveillance cameras are everywhere. Runners are couriers (and parkour experts) who carry important messages over rooftops and through other urbanscapes all while avoiding the authorities. When Faith learns about the nefarious "Project Icarus," she finds herself caught up in a murder conspiracy where her sister Kate is convicted of a crime she didn't commit.

Mirror's Edge Video Game

The game is a stunning visual experience. The player runs Faith over gleaming window walls and through alleys, as she jumps and climbs her way from one task to the next. A live-action sequence like this could be just as exciting to watch on TV screens, if the right network were to buy into this minimalist futuristic metropolis.

According to Deadline, Sharon Hall, president of Endemol Shine Studios, is optimistic about the potential that a live-action Mirror's Edge presents. Hall said:

"We clearly see Mirror’s Edge as a franchise for the global TV audience. It has a strong female protagonist, a wildly rabid fan base and a worldwide brand that Electronic Arts and EA DICE have done an amazing job establishing.”

One can only hope that in addition to building a series around a female protagonist, Endemol Shine also values diversity by keeping Faith Asian. Hollywood could easily fall into another whitewashing debacle like Ghost in the Shell, but Mirror's Edge presents a unique opportunity to embrace a diverse cast.

Aside from Endemol Shine buying the rights, no networks, producers, or writers have been attached to the project as of yet. However, the momentum seems to be there seeing as how the original game now has a reboot on the way and a comic series in print. EA/DICE partnered with Dark Horse Comics to produce Mirror's Edge: Exordium; a 6 part mini series that  provides more backstory on Faith and how she became the protagonist we see her as in-game. The comic is written by Christopher Emgard, who is the narrative director at DICE, and the art is from in house Mirror's Edge artists.

The follow-up game, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, is being released to PS4, Xbox One, and PC (via Origin) on June 7. You can also get catch Faith in Dark Horse's Mirror's Edge: Exordium limited series prequel comic, available now.

Screen Rant will have more details on the development of the Mirror's Edge TV series as they are made available.

Source: Deadline

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