New 'Mirror Mirror' Featurette; Tarsem Singh Criticizes the Film's Marketing

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Before moviegoers get to see a dark Medieval fantasy spin on the classic Snow White story with this summer's Snow White and the Huntsman, they'll have the option of checking out a more comical and kiddie-friendly take on the fairy tale with this spring's Mirror Mirror.

Scroll on down to watch the latest featurette released for Mirror Mirror - which focuses more on Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as the handsome but bumbling Prince Andrew Alcott - and to find out just what director Tarsem Singh (Immortals) thinks about the overall marketing campaign for his fable re-telling.

Mirror Mirror is a fantastical comedy-adventure which reworks the classic Brothers Grimm story in a more "contemporary" light. The results are an iteration of Snow White (Lily Collins) who actually has a discernible personality, a version of the evil stepmother/queen (Julia Roberts) who's more pompous and neurotic than malicious and cruel - and the seven dwarfs re-imagined as a mischievous band of miniature warrior bandits who train Snow White in the art of combat, so that she may reclaim her stolen kingdom.

Check out the new Mirror Mirror featurette below:

Reactions to the domestic Mirror Mirror trailer have been largely negative and incited complaints about the film looking like (for lack of a better description) a colorful hamfest that only the juice box crowd could enjoy. Well, it turns out that helmer Tarsem Singh actually feels the exact same way.

Here is what the filmmaker had to offer Digital Spy, on the topic of the marketing for Mirror Mirror:

"I'm really angry at the trailers. I'm a director, I guess, so I always get pissed at them! The movie looks fantastic and the trailers look so hammily off. The posters are okay, they're still neutral, but we're trying to get the film out there so people don't judge it by the trailer."

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Singh's films are known primarily for their eye candy and Mirror Mirror - with its picturesque visuals, fancy sets, and dazzling costumes - should be no exception. The flick's marketing has done justice by those aspects, but also focused heavily on cartoony jokes and physical comedy - so as to suggest that this is mostly Snow White by way of The Three Stooges (thematically speaking).

A previously-unveiled international trailer for Mirror Mirror did a better job of painting the movie as a solid family-friendly fairy tale adventure. Singh's indication that he wants to start screening the picture for critics ASAP also suggests confidence on his part - though, has that ever not been the case for the artist sometimes referred to as "The Honey Badger of Film Directors?"


Mirror Mirror is slated to arrive in theaters around the U.S. on March 30th, 2012.

Source: Relativity Media, Digital Spy

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