'Minority Report' Trailer & Inside Look: Stop the Crime, Fix the Future

Comic book adaptations and science fiction are all the rage in film and television right now, and Fox is hoping for a new hit in the latter genre with the upcoming Minority Report. The show is a sequel series to director Steven Spielberg's 2002 sci-fi crime/thriller - itself a loose adaptation of the 1956 short story "The Minority Report" by Philip K. Dick - that features a pilot scripted by Max Borenstein (Godzilla (2014)) and directed by Mark Mylod (Entourage, Shameless).

Minority Report (the TV show) picks up about a decade after Spielberg's movie, as the PreCrime system of murder prevention has been abandoned and made illegal, while the three Precogs - whose psychic abilities allowed PreCrime to operate - are now living off the grid. However, one of the Precogs, Dash, decides to seek help from the police, in the hope of being able to prevent the terrible visions of the future (which continue to haunt him) from coming true.

The Minority Report trailer introduces Stark Sands (Generation Kill, NYC 22) as Dash, along with Megan Good (Think Like a Man, Anchorman 2) as Lara Vega, the detective who joins forces with Dash in order to stop murders before they're carried out. Part of the conflict, as was previously teased in the synopsis that Fox released (shortly after it ordered the Minority Report pilot to series), is that Dash is only able to glimpse fragments of the future - while his missing twin brother, Arthur, sees the rest.

Fox has also unveiled a first look featurette for the series, which includes cast interviews, as well as insight from Borenstein and Mylod about the pilot. Watch that Minority Report "Inside Look" preview, below:

Judging by the trailer footage, the Minority Report television series will be attempting to maintain some continuity with Spielberg's movie, in terms of the visual design and presentation of its futuristic setting - albeit, under the constriction of a television show budget, rather than that for a big-budget feature. Similarly, the show appears to be playing fast and loose with the world and the Precog history established in its big screen predecessor, in order to expand its premise to fill out a network TV piece of storytelling.

Hopefully, Minority Report will delve deep into its mythology quickly and ease back on the more generic elements - like the jokes where Dash predicts the immediate future or the familiar odd-couple dynamic between Dash and Lara - which already feel a little strained even in the trailer alone.

There's potential for a compelling sci-fi crime story here, but it's hard to tell if the execution will be strong enough to convince viewers to tune in for yet another weekly procedural. And, of course, being on Fox means it's all the more important for Minority Report to come out swinging if it wants to avoid being canceled prematurely by the network (a la similar genre fare like Almost Human, Awake, etc.). It is definitely not an easy job right now - trying to stand out as an episodic crime adventure, that is (see also: Fox's upcoming Lucifer comic book TV show).


Minority Report will premiere on Fox in Fall 2015.

Source: Fox

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