'Minority Report' TV Show Lands at Fox; New Plot & Character Details

Minority Report TV series details

Famous movies becoming TV series is definitely a trend of late, and the developing Minority Report TV show is the latest to join the party. Steven Spielberg is lending a helping hand on the small screen adaptation of his Tom Cruise-starring 2002 sci-fi/crime thriller of the same name (itself, a loose adaptation of Philip K. Dick's 1956 short story 'The Minority Report").

The latest update on the Minority Report TV series adaptation reveals that the series will, in essence, be a sequel to Spielberg's movie - which is to say, the show will based in the same universe (like FX's Fargo and the Coen Brothers' film of the same name), while also sharing certain characters in common... or, rather, one specific character, to be precise. Indeed, THR is reporting that the Minority Report show (no relation to the upcoming Comedy Central series) will follow one of the three Precogs - that is, the three humans with precognitive abilities that allow them to predict murders before they happen - from Spielberg's film.

Furthermore, the Minority Report TV series will pick up a decade after the events of Spielberg's movie, in futuristic Washington, D.C., as the Precog in question "meets a detective haunted by her past who just may help him find a purpose to his gift." Fox has picked up the pilot from screenwriter Max Borenstein (Godzilla (2014)) with a put-pilot commitment that includes a "significant" penalty, so that improves the odds that the Minority Report pilot will see the light of day (if nothing else).

Samantha Morton as the Precog Agatha in Minority Report
Samantha Morton as the Precog Agatha in the 'Minority Report' film

The man/woman variation on the traditional man/man buddy duo formula has worked out well for CBS' modernized Sherlock Holmes series Elementary, while Fox enjoyed similar success last year when it debuted Sleepy Hollow. The latter series also adds a genre twist (supernatural horror, in that case), and the Minority Report TV show looks to follow suit by offering blend a sci-fi concept with crime-solving plot mechanics (plus a more diverse buddy pair that should resonate better with modern TV viewing audiences, as the couples on Elementary and Sleepy Hollow do).

That aforementioned male Precog and female detective duo could, if they're done well, find a sizable audience much as their onscreen peers have managed in recent years. Screen chemistry between the leads is key to the success of any buddy/crime format - and with Spielberg reported to be the one who will select the lead(s) for Minority Report, the series ought to turn out well on that front.

If nothing else, it sounds as though this show has the potential to play out as an fairly natural (and standalone) extension of Spielberg's source film. Fingers crossed, it'll prove decent at building upon its source material - in order to create a sophisticated mythos of its own, that is. Well, better than certain other Spielberg-backed TV series have done over the years, anyway. (Under the Dome, looking at you...)

We'll continue to keep you up-to-speed on development of the Minority Report TV series.

Source: THR

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