'Minority Report' Sequel TV Series Casts its Leads

Minority Report precog

Steven Spielberg's 2002 sci-fi film Minority Report, based on the short story by Philip K. Dick, posed the intriguing ethical question of whether someone should be punished for a crime that they were definitely going to commit, even if they never carried it out. The introduction of PreCrime, a special police division powered by three mutants with psychic abilities, saves many lives but at the end of the film is shut down when it's revealed that the system is fallible and may have led to false incarcerations.

The film was largely focused on Tom Cruise's character, Captain John Anderton, but Fox' upcoming TV series sequel to Minority Report will follow one of the precogs, Dash, ten years after his escape from a life of mental slavery and pruney fingers. Still troubled by his visions, Dash teams up Detective Lara Vega to try and put his powers to good use once more. Lara is haunted by her past, Dash is haunted by the future - there's the makings of a good tagline there.

According to Deadline, Fox has now cast these two lead roles for the pilot episode of Minority Report. Stark Sands (Inside Llewyn Davis) will play both Dash and his identical twin brother, Arthur, and Meagan Good (Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues) will play Lara.

Dash and Arthur got very little screen time in Minority Report, unlike their sister Agatha, so making Dash one of the protagonists of the sequel could be a good way to open up the story while also making it distinct from the movie. That said, it could be argued that the story of Minority Report becomes a lot less interesting without the institution of PreCrime, and the idea of a show about solving crimes using psychic abilities isn't exactly new or exciting.

The Minority Report pilot was scripted by Godzilla writer Max Borenstein and will be directed by Mark Mylod, who recently helmed a couple of upcoming Game of Thrones episodes. The showrunner is Kevin Falls, who co-created TNT show Franklin & Bash. At one point Spielberg himself was reportedly involved in development, but there's no mention of him any more - not even so much as an executive producer credit.

With casting moving ahead Minority Report could arrive on Fox before the end of 2015. There isn't much that's hugely exciting in the premise or behind-the-scenes talent, but perhaps this will be one of the rare revivals that lives up to the source material.

We'll keep you updated on Minority Report as development continues.

Source: Deadline

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