New 'Minority Report' Teaser Predicts Success for Fox's Latest

With comic book adaptations being all the rage these days, it’s easy to miss some of the other rising trends happening on television, one of which is continuations of movies. Specifically, we refer to two forthcoming television sequels: Limitless and Minority Report.

After an impressive first trailer that was released last month, Fox has now unveiled a new teaser (seen above) to the Steven Spielberg-produced show that has some rather impressive bits of new footage.

While Limitless certainly has the edge of featuring its big-screen predecessor's lead actor (Bradley Cooper), this follow-up to what many consider to be the last great Spielberg sci-fi film is certainly no slouch. That said, it can’t be ignored that the show’s very existence puts into question the message of the previous film.

For those that need a refresher: the big conflict of Minority Report comes from the fact that some – not all – of the Precrime predictions came with a wrinkle in the form of a possibility where the event didn’t take place. What that means is, Tom Cruise’s character, and his co-workers, may have been putting away a few innocent people that may never would have actually committed the murder they’re being accused of eventually committing. This is a big plot point that the series shouldn’t ignore – and hopefully it won't be.

Originally, Steven Spielberg didn’t have his name on the series as an executive producer. However, after seeing the pilot, the director opted to change his mind (which he’s allowed to do under contract with all Amblin productions). So what did Spielberg see in the show that made him confident enough to slap his seal of approval on it? Does the show actually bring into question the idea that the precogs’ predictions weren’t always right? If so, then there’s a chance Fox could be sitting on a real winner heading into the new season.

Ultimately, the show’s creative power is falling to the hands of creator Max Borenstein. Before this, the writer’s biggest claim to fame was Legendary’s Godzilla reboot from last year (and it’s follow-up, as well as the upcoming Kong: Skull Island), so the man certainly has the chops to pull off taking a popular modern movie and turning it into a successful weekly television series… and hopefully, that’s exactly what he did.

Minority Report premieres this fall on Fox.

Source: Fox

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