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The Minions movie was a prequel that found the title characters on a brand new misadventure, but who voiced the main characters? The lovable Minions first appeared as supporting characters in 2010's Despicable Me, where they served Steve Carrell's evil mastermind Felonious Gru. They soon proved to be the breakout stars of the movie due to their bizarre language and tendency for causing a mess.

They returned once again for Despicable Me 2 and Despicable Me 3, before earning their very own spinoff with 2015's The Minions. The solo movie takes place in 1968 and finds the bumbling henchmen working for a new villainess named Scarlet Overkill and her husband Herb. The Minions quickly earned over $1 billion worldwide and a sequel is set to arrive in 2020.

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The highlight of the movie was definitely the voice acting, but which actors make up The Minions cast?

minions cast character guide

Pierre Coffin - Minions Kevin, Bob, Stuart

French voice actor and animator Pierre Coffin returned once again to voice all the Minions, including the main trio of Bob, Stuart, and Kevin. The movie reveals they've existed since the dawn of time and how they first met Gru.

Sandra Bullock - Scarlet Overkill

Sandra Bullock plays the first female supervillain Scarlet Overkill in the movie, who the Minions serve as she plots a major heist in London. Ever since her star-making turn in 1994's Speed, Bullock has been a regular fixture on the big screen, including blockbusters like Gravity, Ocean's 8 and Bird Box.

Jon Hamm - Herb Overkill

Jon Hamm plays Herb, Scarlett's husband, and accomplice. Hamm is a very familiar face thanks to acclaimed AMC series Mad Men, where he played Don Draper. Hamm's other credits include Tag, Baby Driver, and the forthcoming Top Gun: Maverick.

Steve Carell - Young Gru

It wouldn't be the same if anyone else voiced the supervillain, so Steve Carell returns for a cameo appearance as Young Gru. Gru swoops in to steal the Imperial State Crown back from the Overkills in the finale and reveals how the Minions first met him. Carell is best known for comedy series The Office, in addition to Anchorman, Foxcatcher and The Big Short.

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Michael Keaton - Walter Nelson

Michael Keaton voiced Walter in The Minions cast, who heads a family of criminals and befriends the Minions before they meet Scarlet Overkill. Keaton needs no introduction to movies fans, due to playing the lead role in Tim Burton's Batman, in addition to roles in Jackie Brown, Birdman and 2019's Dumbo.

Allison Janney - Madge Nelson

Allison Janney plays Madge Nelson, Walter's wife and accomplice who lets the Minions hitch a ride with their family. Janney also appears in TV series Mom, in addition to The West Wing and movies such as Juno and I, Tonya.

Jennifer Saunders - Queen Elizabeth II

Jennifer Saunders plays Queen Elizabeth II in The Minions cast, who takes a shine to the title creatures. Saunders is one half of British comedy duo French And Saunders and is known for TV comedy series Absolutely Fabolous and its 2016 movie spinoff. She also voiced The Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2.

Geoffrey Rush - The Narrator

Geoffrey Rush lends his distinctive voice to The Narrator in The Minions and is well-known for his work in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, The King's Speech and Gods Of Egypt.

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