Mining The Exorcist... again

I had a few things to write about today, but this little bit of joy that comes to me from Creature Corner by way of trumped them all: There is news (that I can only hope is a rumour) concerning the possibility of a remake of, yes, The Exorcist.

News of a remake of any film that is considered a classic always gets my hackles up, but sometimes the news is really bad...

A first draft of the screenplay has been written by Jim Cash. What has he written previously? Oh, his latest cinematic wonders include Anaconda (the original as well as the recent sequel), and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. Who is producing it, you ask? Warner Brothers (of course) along with Rogue Pictures, whose credits include... are you ready?... Seed of Chucky.

BTW, it's not a remake... it's a re-imagining of the original.

Puke. :x

If I were to reach waaaay out there and attempt to find even a glimmer of a bright side, it would be that Rogue Pictures also produced the mildly well received Assault on Precinct 13, and the very well done Shaun of the Dead. The talk is also that they are looking at Dakota Fanning for the lead and Gary Oldman in a major role (the priest?).

However, with the bombs that have been the recent Exorcist sequel and prequel, not only would you think that Warner Brothers would have learned to leave well enough alone, but that also removes any possibility of a remake being any good at all.

Of course I would assume that common sense in the minds of certain studio execs would tell them that any attempt to improve on the original is just plain stupid.

Silly me.

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