SR Pick: Minimalist TV Show Posters

Over the few months we've been sharing some wicked minimalist posters, such as the movies of Quentin Tarantino and the various Star Wars movies. Today we continue highlighting these posters by showcasing a few based on some of the most popular TV shows out there.

Long time readers of Screen Rant might remember a few of these posters from our editor Rob Keyes' regular Poster Friday articles, but since "major sites" are now reporting on them like they're new or something, we thought we'd offer you a few more.

There's literally dozens of these posters by artist Albert Exergian but we've chosen just a handful either for how clever/cool looking they are or because the shows are of particular interest to our readers. We've chosen posters for True Blood, Heroes, 24 and Flashforward. As always with these posters, it's not immediately obvious what they're referring to, however fans of the  shows should be able to work them out :)

Here are some of the posters below:


Pretty damn cool, eh? I always love seeing these minimalist posters not just because of their simplicity, but for the challenge of figuring out just what the art is referencing in the show. That last Flashforward one in particular had me puzzled for a couple of minutes before I realized it's referring to the push pins used to put the clues up on the board.

Which of the posters is your favorite?

Sources: For the rest of the great minimalist TV show posters you can head over to If you're interested in purchasing any art prints of them you can head over to Blanka.

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