Minecraft Update Removes Notch From The Game

notch removed from minecraft

Notch's controversy has stemmed from periods of attacking women game developers online, amongst other public incidentst. His Twitter has hosted a number of controversial issues, ranging from opinions on financial and government conspiracies to other bizarre issues that have left fans hesitant to associate him with such a family friendly game. Now, it looks like whatever tension has been simmering as a result of his outspokenness has boiled over.

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Twitter user decrepitlab tweeted out the following status after apparently noticing the latest publicly released patch notes where it looks like Notch has been removed from Minecraft in essence. The screenshot shows that all splash text referencing the creator has been taken out of the game. There was a search run on asset files in the same Twitter thread which appears to display a lack of results for the creator's name. This likely confirms that the company has had Notch removed from Minecraft and its latest build.

Notch's enduring legacy had previously been integrated into his game by way of references on the splash screen. Now, the replacement of the recognizable "Made by Notch!" with generic quotes from the team at Mojang without much fanfare is arguably the quiet send-off that the creator deserves. Having Notch removed from Minecraft in this manner, without public acknowledgment from the company itself, is fitting. There's no need to give oxygen to some of the views that he's displayed in the past; being erased in this way deprives him of the opportunity to create the usual tornado of controversy and public disapproval that accompanies his internet presence.

The Minecraft property has continued to endure in Notch's absence anyway, moving on to greater heights like Netflix collaborations and more recently even a movie deal and the likes of Minecraft: Dungeons. Mojang hasn't been afraid to take risks with the product that it has on hand, and its decisions appear to have paid off so far. Having Notch removed from Minecraft with a whimper and not a bang is likely going to be considered one of those positive decisions if the community's reaction has been anything to go by.

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