Minecraft's Newest Update Adds Bugs (But Not The Bad Kind)

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Minecraft is fixing some bugs and adding some new ones, as bees and beekeeping will become part of the game in the 19W34A snapshot update. Minecraft continually receives updates that add new content to the game, such as The Update Aquatic, which gradually introduced new types of sea life to the game.

The new updates often fix bugs that have been discovered by players, as well as for other changes, such as removing Notch's name from Minecraft following controversial statements that he made on Twitter. That also resulted in Microsoft distancing itself from Notch during the ten-year anniversary celebrations for the game, which has progressed without much of a hiccup since the decision to keep away from its former creator.

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The latest build of Minecraft has added a new mob to the game in the form of adorable bees. The latest update on the website has revealed that the bees will ignore the player unless attacked. The bees can sting the player in self-defense, which will leave the stinger inside the player and will cause the bee to eventually perish. The bees are attracted to flowers and will travel between them and their nearby nest in order to gather pollen. The player can breed more bees by planting more flowers and the bees can help the player grow crops. The bees can communicate with each other and will share the location of their favorite flowers. If a bee doesn't have access to a home nest or hive, then it will wander around aimlessly until it finds one. The bees will return to their home nest at night or hive or if it starts raining.

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The bees can be found in Bee Nests, which exist naturally in the wild and gives them a place to gather honey. The player can also create Bee Hives in order to attract bees to a specific location, which can be used to acquire the new Honey Bottle and Honeycomb items. In order to make a Honey Bottle, the player only needs to use an empty bottle on a full Bee Nest or Hive. The Honey Bottle can also be used to make sugar. The Honeycomb item can be acquired by using shears on a full Bee Nest or Hive. The dispenser can now fill bottles with water and honey and it can shear Honeycombs from a Bee Nest or Hive.

The Minecraft fanbase was disappointed to discover that the Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics Pack had been canceled earlier this month. The addition of bees might not make up for the loss of the incredible visual update to the game that had been promised, but it's hard to deny that the adorable insects will make for a great addition to any Minecraft abode, thanks to the free honey that they will be giving to the player.

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