Minecraft Player Finally Loses After 5-Year Hardcore Survival Game

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A Hardcore Minecraft run that lasted an epic five years has finally come to an end, after the player character took an unexpected death. Phil Watson from Newcastle, UK, had kept his run of the permadeath version of Minecraft going for a record amount of time before his character's untimely demise.

Minecraft is by now a gaming institution, sitting only behind Tetris is the rankings for the best-selling games of all time. Part of what makes Minecraft so successful is the flexibility of the crafting-based sandbox game, with a robust mobile version just one of the many ways in which to play alongside being an early adopter of cross-console play. Within gameplay, too, players have plenty of options, with more relaxed versions alongside the compelling Hardcore more.

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This was the mode of choice for Watson, who managed to keep his Hardcore mode game going for a whopping five years. All good things must come to an end, though, and Watson's time finally ran out when surprised by a zombie baby, hit by a skeleton's arrow, and then knocked into a waiting spider. It's a dramatic end to an impressive run in the game, with over 6,000 km walked and over 732,000 jumps made during the course of his Hardcore game.

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Speaking with the BBC, Watson explained that he "ran out of luck," although he admitted that "there's so much I could have done." Although his record run isn't fully verified, Watson has been searching for any other players who had maintained a Hardcore game for this long, and suggested that he has been unable to find anyone else who has kept a Hardcore game going for longer than a few months. As such, it's an end of a major era.

For Watson, who goes by the moniker of Philza on Twitch, there was never a focus on trying to break the record for the longest Hardcore run. "It was never about being the best or the longest, I just liked playing it and managed to survive," said Watson. Because of this, although Watson is understandably disappointed in the end of the run there's the potential for him to dive back into Minecraft soon, explaining that he is "starting to get that urge to create something and go on another journey."

There's plenty of change coming for the Minecraft property as a whole. The long-running saga of the Minecraft movie adaptation has seen it finally get a March 2020 release date, while this year's 10-year anniversary of the game will give more of a focus on upcoming spin-off Minecraft: Dungeons. However, don't expect creator Markus Persson to be there.

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Source: BBC

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