Minecraft Gifts You Need To Have 

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Minecraft is a very popular video game that is played by people of all ages. When it is not being played, it can still be enjoyed, as there are mugs, toys, clothing items, decorations and games that are inspired by this world full of pixels.

Whether someone is shopping for a fan of Minecraft, throwing a Minecraft-themed party or looking to add to their collection of Minecraft memorabilia, we definitely suggest getting these items. They all look like they are straight out of this world, and they will take a passion for this video game to a whole new level.

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9 ThinkGeek Minecraft Light-Up Wall Torch 


This first item is a particularly cool one and is inspired by this popular video game series. Just as someone can light up an area in the game, fans of Minecraft can light up their own homes with this awesome wall torch.

It can mount to a wall or set on a table in a bedroom or office, providing light in such a fun way. Anyone who is familiar with this world would be pleased to receive this officially licensed collectible, which is available through Amazon Prime and which would make a great birthday gift for any age or gender!

8 Minecraft - Magic 8 Ball


One of the most classic toys that has ever existed is the Magic 8 Ball; generation after generation has turned to this item, in order to learn the answers to some huge questions in life. Well, today’s fans can do all of this - but Minecraft style!

This one has that fun pixelated design, and the answers that it gives stick to the theme of the game, which adds some more surprise elements to this great gift option. Whether a young player uses this all the time or an older fan just has it on display, this would be neat to give to those who like Minecraft. 

7 JINX Minecraft TNT Block Mug


No matter who someone is shopping for, a mug is a smart gift option, and this one is perfect for those who are into Minecraft! It holds 9.8 ounces, it is made of high-quality plastic that is free of BPA, it comes in custom packaging that makes it a cool collector’s item, it is microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and it is officially licensed by Minecraft.

Yes, a cup of coffee in the morning will taste even better out of this TNT item, which looks like it just popped right out of this well-known video game. 

6 Minecraft - Mob Mask 


Dressing up for Halloween? Throwing a Minecraft-themed party? Wanting to take gaming sessions up a notch? Just can’t get enough of this pixelated world? Then try this mob mask! Each one features an authentic character design that allows people to truly pretend they live in this land.

This mask looks amazing, and it is quite comfortable, too, with adjustable straps that let it work for players of all ages. When shopping for someone who likes this game series or dressing up as someone from this game series, keep this unique mask in mind, for sure. 

5 Minecraft Light-Up Adventure Sword


Wearing the mask that was just mentioned would be entertaining, but carrying this sword would make it even better! Just look at this thing...It is almost too cool for this list. This toy sword lights up and plays sounds from Minecraft when a button on the handle is pressed.

Once again, a young fan could be playing a made-up game with friends, or an older fan could be dressing up for a celebration; either way, people can imagine going up against zombies, skeletons and other bad guys...if they receive this adventure sword as a present.

4 J!NX - Minecraft 7.5" Plush Toy

Something else that works when buying a gift for fans of video games is plush toys; they are cuddly and collectible, making them appealing to all ages. So, of course, Minecraft plush toys exist within this shopping guide, and this particular version comes with randomly selected figures.

It will be a surprise to see which creatures and animals are received, but all of them allow people to recreate scenes from the game and show off their passion for Minecraft, in general. Plus, they really are just super adorable to look at - even the creepy Creeper!

3 UNO Minecraft Card Game 


Uno is a classic card game that is enjoyed by many, and those who like Minecraft deserve this version. Instead of the traditional numbers and colors, this set shows off characters and monsters from this video game.

There is even a special Creeper card with a special rule, making for a neat twist on this popular game. This affordable gift idea would be a great addition to the Minecraft-themed party that was mentioned earlier, so feel free to go ahead and buy a pack or two (to keep and to give away) of the UNO Minecraft Card Game!

2 Minecraft Grass Block 12" x 12" Cube Pillow


This is such a smart idea - a pillow that looks like the grass blocks in Minecraft! Each one is made with thick fabric and stitching (for extra durability) and features soft polyester batting (for extra comfort). This could set in a game room as a decoration, could slide under some feet while playing Minecraft, could be put on a shelf with other pieces of memorabilia or could be cuddled with, while falling asleep and dreaming of defeating Creepers.

Yes, there are lots of fans out there who would enjoy getting this original cube pillow with its bright pixel design. 

1 LEGO Minecraft The Crafting Box 2.0 21135 Building Kit 


As many know, the open world of Minecraft is now available through super-cool LEGO building kits. This one here contains five sets and 717 pieces, as well as figures that depict Steve, a horse, a cow, slime and a Creeper and accessories that include a golden pickax, TNT, tools, torches, a crafting table, crops and blocks.

From building Steve's house to exploring a desert area or a field, people will be able to spend countless hours designing, connecting and re-configuring, just like in the video game. This is one big gift to definitely consider buying a fan! 

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