All Minecraft Versions Unifying and Getting a Graphical Update

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Minecraft is looking better than ever in the trailer for a new graphical update that also showcases the game's new cross-platforming capabilities. As one of the most popular video games since 2009, Minecraft has been available on multiple platforms for years but now the game's developer, Mojang, is working to bring them all together to create one Minecraft for its 55 million monthly players.

As the second best-selling video game of all-time, Minecraft appeals to both children and adults with its 3D-generated world, sandbox-style gameplay, freedom, and simple system of building and breaking blocks to create your own unique world.

At Minecraft's E3 2017 press conference, it was announced that Minecraft would receive a major new update. Now, players across almost every platform will be able play together online through the "Better Together Update." The only major console left out of the update is the PlayStation 4. To signify the decision to unify the many versions of Minecraft, the console versions of the game will be renamed. For example, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will simply be retitled as Minecraft.

Mojang is doubling down on the decision to make Minecraft one game by allowing players to use all of their purchased content on multiple devices, meaning that any DLC you buy for your Android version will also be accessible when you play the game on your Xbox One. Also included in the update are access to massive servers and parental controls.

Minecraft characters trading with villager

Cross-platform play isn't the only upgrade coming to Minecraft. Soon the Windows 10 and Xbox One versions of the game will receive the "Super Duper Graphics Update," which will provide significant enhancements for lighting, water reflections, textures, and shadows. These new graphical effects will improve everything from fog to leaves and grass. The update will also add 4K support.

The new graphical update along with the other changes won't make it necessary to start over in Minecraft. The new changes are compatible with your existing worlds. Despite the vast number of improvements, it's been stated that the game will manage to retain the look and feel of Minecraft that has been so popular with both kids and adults for years. However, the update is optional for players who prefer the original look.

The "Better Together Update" will release on Windows 10, the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and the VR versions of Minecraft during the summer. The "Super Duper Graphics Update" will come to Windows 10 and Xbox One in the fall.

Source: Mojang

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