Minecraft Console Editions Getting Major Holiday Update

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There's no stopping Minecraft, the independently-designed Mojang video game about digging, crafting and arranging blocks that's become one of the definitive titles for an entire generation of young gamers. While originally launched on PC, the game has exploded to even greater popularity with console releases that brought the experience to living rooms around the world.

Now, console Minecraft fans can expect a holiday treat in the form of an all-new themed update.

Revealed today in a press release on Mojang's official site, the Holiday 2016 update will launch in December. But the studio is already talking up the new additions, which include a new insect-like glider, End Cities and new uses for Dragon's Breath; along with other surprises yet to be revealed in what Mojang is calling their biggest update of the year.

From the official post:

We’ve prepared a rather spectacular seasonal gift for Console Edition. As is traditional, you’ll have to wait until late December to open up the full package, but we’re happy to give you a teeny preview today - the digital equivalent of letting you sneak downstairs and give your gift-wrapped goodies a little inquisitive shake.

That’s if you can even lift the box - this is the biggest update we’ve put out this year! There are new mobs, blocks, items, status effects and all manner of other tweaks. Here are a few of the things you might hear rattling round inside:

- Elytra! Soar through The End on your freshly-minted insectoid glider, or, if you’d rather practice first, why not put your aerobatic skills to the test by generating a world with the new Amplified Terrain option?

- End Cities, replete with End Ships, Chorus Plants, Chorus Flowers and Purpur blocks. Not all is as it seems, however - some blocks may conceal Shulkers, limpet-like enemies who fire homing rockets. Take a hit and you’ll take damage and experience something new, too: levitation! Elytra are essential to avoid an uncomfortable landing.

- You can now use Dragon’s Breath to create Lingering Potions - throwable potions that leave a bubbling slick behind, ideal for ensnaring unwary pursuers.There’s quite a few other stocking-fillers in there, too - but you’ll just have to wait for the free update to launch to unwrap its other mysteries!

The new update caps a major year for Minecraft, which has already included big events like the long-awaited Super Mario theme pack for Wii U Consoles, a narrative game series from TellTale and the announcement of production on the Minecraft Movie; which is due in 2019 and may star comedian Steve Carrell.

Source: Mojang

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