Minecraft Is Getting a Free Battle-Focused Mini Game

Minecraft reveals Battle game

Minecraft, Microsoft’s popular sandbox video game in which players are spawned into a world, place textured cubes to craft complex structures, and participate in other adventures, has been steadily expanding for quite some time. Available on multiple gaming platforms, Microsoft recently added a port to Windows 10 and expanded its merchandising with LEGO figures. Not too long ago, the company added a classroom version of the game called Minecraft: Education Edition. Hot on the heels of the massive success of The LEGO Movie, Warner Bros. is even investing several million dollars to make Minecraft: The Movie.

While few people could have foreseen the game’s explosion to such epic proportions, Microsoft is continuing to run with its gaming juggernaut. The company has just announced that it will be adding a new update to the game called Battle, a mini-game that will pit players in a free-for-all battle against other gamers.

With the Battle mini-game, Minecraft players will be dropped into a pre-created map (one that will include timers, a waiting room, and other randomly generated resources) and given a few seconds to pick a weapon from a chest before versing other players in a live death match. As the match progresses, the chest is restocked with other random goods to help players defeat their opponents. Fallen players, while down, won’t be out completely; they can continue to spectate the combat by flying freely around each arena as a bat.

Minecraft getting Battle mini-game

What makes this update different from its predecessors is the fact that, for the first time, the mini-game will pit gamers against other live gamers. Up until this point, Microsoft has only added PvE (Players vs. Environment) components to Minecraft, meaning that players face off against the game instead of other live opponents. The mini-game can accommodate up to eight players online (via Xbox Live), or players can find other community members to fight in an in-game matchmaking system.

Battle will be rolled out in June to all Minecraft owners on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and other consoles via a free game update. While the mini-game will launch with three free maps, Microsoft does plan to sell packs (each featuring three new maps) for $2.99. The company also plans to add free updates offering new gameplay options, while continuing to evolve and update the mini-game based on its reception in the gaming community.

Although players won’t be able to craft any fortifications (the traditional backbone of the game) while in Battle mode, the new mini-game promises to keep players on the edge of their seats as they duke it out, melee-style, to be declared the overall winner in a high-stakes match that requires speed, strategy, and luck. Based on this upcoming update, it will be exciting to see just what else Microsoft is planning for its beloved game.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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