The Mindy Project Season 6 Will Be Its Last

The Mindy Project Season 6 Will Be Its Last

Back in 2015, The Mindy Project was canceled by Fox after its critically-acclaimed third season, much to the dismay of its small, but dedicated following. The series, which reimagined creator Mindy Kaling as an abrasive, quirky OB-GYN doctor trying to find romantic and professional success in New York City had emerged as one of the more well-reviewed new sitcoms when it had first arrived on the scene. So the possibility of The Mindy Project meeting its fate early, just when it had reached the peak of its creative success, felt like a heavy punch in the gut for fans.

Luckily, The Mindy Project managed to quickly find second life when Hulu picked it up for a fourth season, allowing for Kaling and her creative team to keep Mindy Lahiri's story going for what seemed like a possibly much brighter future than it had on Fox. Now, two years later and The Mindy Project just recently wrapped up its fifth season with a conclusion that made it appear as though the end of Mindy Lahiri's story may be coming sometime soon.

Turns out, that was intentional too, as EW has revealed that The Mindy Project will indeed be returning for a sixth season on Hulu later this year, but it will also be the show's final season. Hulu's Head of Content, Craig Erwich, released the following statement about the decision to bring an end to The Mindy Project:

“It has been an honor and a joy to work with Mindy and the entire creative team behind The Mindy Project. This series has been part of Hulu since we launched the service and, thanks to Mindy’s incredibly unique voice and vision, has remained one of our most popular and beloved series over the past five years. While we can’t wait to see what Mindy has in store for what will undoubtedly be a fantastic sixth and final season, we know The Mindy Project will live on as fans will continue to watch, discover and re-live all of the best moments from the complete series on Hulu.”

The Mindy Project Ending with Season 6

The news of this "cancellation" doesn't come as much of a surprise to longtime fans of the series, who have seen the Lahiri character go through more than her fair share of romantic ups and downs throughout the previous five seasons, including an unexpected breakup and separation with Danny Castellano (Chris Messina). With the fifth season ending as Mindy makes the sudden (and likely regrettable) decision to marry her current boyfriend, Ben, it became clear that Mindy's story may be reaching its organic end.

While speaking with EW about ending the show, Kaling says basically the same thing, before teasing that the show's final season will involve Mindy having to come to terms with what it is she actually wants from her life, now that she has virtually everything she's been waiting for. Whether or not that will include a reunion between her and Danny - as many fans have speculated - is still a mystery, of course, but it certainly paints the show's final season as being one of reconciliation and finality. Not bad considering The Mindy Project is the only sitcom from Fox's 2012 fall season that's still alive and kicking.

Source: EW

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