The Mindy Project: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)

The Mindy Project was all about love, relationships, and break-ups. While some couples were loved by fans, others left a bad impression.

The Mindy Project centered around Mindy Lahiri, a female OB/GYN working in New York City while navigating the highs and lows of her love life. Eventually, it also dealt with big career changes as well as the birth of her son, Leo.

But at the core of the show were Mindy's relationships, as well as the romantic connections her co-workers found themselves in. It was an offbeat, untraditional version of a romantic comedy that we loved to watch each and every week. Understandably, like every show, there were relationships fans were 100% behind, and others they wished had never happened in the first place.

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So let's break down the best of the best, and the worst of the worst relationships on The Mindy Project.

10 Fans Were Behind: Mindy & Danny

Mindy and Danny's relationship started out as contentious co-workers who tolerated each other, eventually evolving into a tentative friendship, until their chemistry finally boiled over into a full-blown romance.

Even when they were officially together, they still faced many obstacles. Danny's stubbornness and Mindy's sometimes lackadaisical approach to life led them into many arguments. They even broke up for a time after the birth of their son, when it seemed like their differences were too great.

But their love for each other and insane chemistry won out in the end, and by the series finale, they were in each other's arms once again.

9 Fans Rejected: Danny & Christina

It was obvious that Danny's first marriage to his ex-wife, Christina, had made him into a jaded individual who didn't really believe in finding "the one." This constantly clashed with Mindy's dreamy, true love, picturesque future she envisioned for herself.

Christina was honestly a terrible partner for Danny and she had no problem taking her anger out on him at a huge art show when she published very private photos of Danny for all of New York to see.

This left a bad taste in fans' mouths and only made us hope they would never get back together again.

8 Fans Were Behind: Morgan & Tamra

Morgan Tookers was the oddball nurse that was a former car thief but now worked for the practice Mindy worked at. They became friends over time, but it was his relationship with Tamra that was truly something special.

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Tamra was a fellow nurse there and though they initially seemed like opposites, it was obvious they had a serious attraction to one another that bloomed into something very meaningful.

They had a period of time where they weren't together, but once they reunited and got married, it was such a beautiful ending for two people who were unlikely to fall in love. Needless to say, fans were thrilled by this development.

7 Fans Rejected: Mindy & Brendan

Brendan Deslaurier is one of the midwives working in the same building as Mindy's practice, effectively making them rivals with one another. However, for a brief period during the first season, Mindy decides she wants to hook up with Brendan.

It doesn't go as smoothly as she had originally hoped, and she decides it's better if they don't keep it going, especially since she can't stand him as a person.

Fans had to agree. They felt she could do much better than Brendan and their hook up was just too awkward to watch. They're better off as frenemies than friends with benefits.

6 Fans Were Behind: Peter & Lauren

Peter was a fellow doctor at Mindy's practice who was hard to ever take seriously. He still seemed like the college frat boy from years ago that he couldn't seem to let go of.

But when Peter met Lauren, the neurosurgeon at their hospital, he fell...and he fell hard. He loved her and he loved her infant son. Even when they temporarily separated after she kissed Jeremy, it was obvious Peter's feelings for her were not going to go away.

When they got back together and began a life of their own, it made fans of The Mindy Project so happy for Peter who had finally grown up.

5 Fans Rejected: Lauren & Jeremy

Jeremy was the character on the show you couldn't really pinpoint in terms of his personality. Sometimes he seemed like a completely uptight stereotypical Englishman, and other times, he was a playboy who had no cares in the world.

So when he betrayed his friend and co-worker Peter by kissing Peter's girlfriend Lauren, it seemed it had been the playboy part of his personality who had come out to play. To make matters worse, Lauren ended up breaking up with Peter to see how things went with Jeremy, who apparently also had feelings for her.

It just felt like a situation that should have never happened, which was proven when Jeremy and Lauren's relationship ended not long after.

4 Fans Were Behind: Mindy & Jody

Jody Kimball-Kinney is a southern doctor who transferred to New York to work at Schulman and Associates. He was known for his womanizing ways which often got him into trouble. He had a lot of problematic characteristics, but when he started to develop feelings for Mindy, viewers began to see a different side to him.

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Mindy and Jody clashed in a lot of ways similar to the way she clashed with Danny. The two shared undeniable chemistry that fans were eager to see play out. But unfortunately, their almost-romance was short-lived and when it was over, it was never touched upon again.

3 Fans Rejected: Jody & Courtney

During the period in the series when Mindy was experiencing a serious will they/won't they back and forth with Jody, he began seeing a new woman named Courtney.

Courtney ended up tagging along on a work trip of theirs to Princeton and, for fans of the show, she just came between Jody and Mindy while being as annoying as possible the entire time.

Overall, Courtney wasn't an enjoyable character, and we couldn't even see why Jody would want to date a woman who was the total opposite of Mindy in every way possible. It just didn't make a lot of sense.

2 Fans Were Behind: Mindy & Casey

Casey and Mindy had an on-again/off-again relationship all throughout the series. Casey was the man who was a jack of all trades. He started out as a pastor at a church, eventually became a DJ, and then ended up with his own shoe company. While Mindy was -- believe it or not -- a much more mature adult who preferred stability in her life.

This was what constantly came between them, though they couldn't deny their attraction to one another. Time and time again they would try to make it work, and fans would always be on board, but in the end, Casey just wasn't the guy for Mindy. At least they were incredibly fun to watch.

1 Fans Rejected: Morgan & Annette Castellano

Okay, we cannot deny the hilarity behind this pairing, but in reality, they are by far the worst couple to come out of the show. When Danny's mom, Annette, begins online dating -- thanks to Mindy's encouragement -- she comes across none other than Morgan, who had just been dumped by Tamra.

The two go out and Annette is immediately smitten with Morgan, who now assumes he'll be Danny's new dad. There were so many great comedic moments to come out of this storyline and episode, but in general, most fans would rather not live in a world where Morgan dates Danny's mom. Luckily, the pair did not last for long.

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