The Mindy Project: 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Episodes

The Mindy Project was one of those shows that survived thanks to its very dedicated fans. The show started its run on Fox before being canceled after four seasons. But thanks to that loyal fanbase, the show found a second life on Hulu until finally ending after its sixth season.

After the rollercoaster ride through those six seasons, The Mindy Project ended a much-loved sitcom that will no doubt be looked back on fondly by its fans. There are plenty of hilarious and fun episodes that show why the show inspired such loyalty. But there were also a few episodes that fell quite short. Take a look back on the best and worst episodes of The Mindy Project.

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10 Worst: Nurses' Strike

The Mindy Project worked best when focused on Mindy’s relationships. The show excelled at matching Mindy with fun love interests and building up those exciting “will they or won’t they” moments. However, they eventually overstepped with this kind of storytelling.

In Season 5, fresh off of a divorce, the show quickly found Mindy another crush in the form of male nurse Ben. Instead of trying some new stories with a single Mindy, the show seemed to panic and go with what they know. This episode’s introduction to the rather dull Ben was a sign that the show was becoming stale.

9 Best: Christmas Party Sex Trap

Like many sitcoms, The Mindy Project had a lot of fun with holiday episodes. This Christmas special proved to be one of the best. The episode revolves around Mindy throwing a Christmas party for the sole purpose of seducing her crush. This includes what she envisioned to be a perfect rendition of “Santa Baby”.

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Along with all the festive fun it had to offer, the episode also featured some great character moments. And while Mindy gets her man in the end, the episode helped to plant the seeds for her much more important relationship with Danny.

8 Worst: Road Trip

It’s bold to have an episode in a sitcom barely feature the title character. In this one-off episode, Danny and Morgan head out on a road trip to visit Danny’s ailing father. It probably served as a way for Mindy Kaling to get a much-needed break.

While Chris Messina and Ike Barinholtz are both stand-outs on the show, this episode doesn’t give them anything worthwhile to work with. The episode tries to be about Danny’s father issues without actually including his father. In the end, it feels like a waster experiment.

7 Best: Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer

One of the best qualities about The Mindy Project is how the show is so willing to make a fool out of Mindy. Though she is a brilliant and talented doctor, Mindy is also incredibly careless and immature about her own health. In this episode, Mindy asks Danny for help getting in shape for a weekend getaway.

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While Mindy and Danny work extremely well as a couple, they’re almost better when they’re at odds. Watching the battle between overly-intense Danny and ridiculously lazy Mindy makes this one of the show’s funniest episodes.

6 Worst: Mindy’s Minute

Despite all the charm of the show, The Mindy Project had a rough beginning. The first season was largely a mess of the show trying to figure out what worked. While there were some great episodes, the show was bogged down by a constantly shifting cast and change in tone.

This episode sort of marked the show beginning to settle into itself but not quite getting there. It reintroduced characters to become series regulars and tried to cement its comedy style. As a result, this episode feels like a throwaway effort in their attempt to find the sweet spot.

5 Best: Mindy Lahiri Is A White Man

Something that has set this show apart from other comedies is its inventive fantasy episodes, such as this stand-out episode in which Mindy wakes up as a handsome white male. The unusual situation exposes Mindy to the great and troubling advantages given to white men.

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This episode is the best example of how the show was able to deal with important issues, like sexism and job discrimination, yet maintain its light feel. The episode managed to be insightful as well as hilarious.

4 Worst: Mindy's Brother

As the show continued to find its footing, they also awkwardly tried to keep existing storylines going. This episode introduces Mindy’s brother, gives more screen time to Morgan and tries to wrap up Mindy’s relationship with Josh. It’s a lot of things to juggle and it just doesn’t work.

It doesn’t help that the central story about Mindy’s brother’s rap career is very uninteresting and leads to a cringe-worthy rap performance in the climax. It’s a rare episode where the B-storyline was more entertaining.

3 Best: You’ve Got Sext

It’s a classic sitcom trope to have a misunderstanding leading to all sorts of hijinks. It’s been played so often in so many shows that it can be a bit tiresome. However, The Mindy Project managed to pull-off this well-worn premise in an engaging way.

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Through a variety of mishaps, Mindy and Danny are forced to spend some quality time together – and pose as a couple. Again, nothing too original here, but the chemistry between the characters and the opposites-attract tension they have created keeps you cheering them on.

2 Worst: A Romantical Decouplement

The show was not afraid to take chances with the relationships in Mindy’s life. But sometimes, it felt as though they were reshuffling these relationships because they were out of ideas. Such is the case with this episode which saw the end of Mindy’s brief marriage to Ben.

While Ben was not an interesting character, to dismiss the relationship so quickly seemed like a cop-out. It felt like we just saw Mindy go through a failed marriage with Danny. With the lack of character development, the episode showed the storylines were really beginning to suffer.

1 Best: Danny And Mindy

After two seasons worth of questions, Mindy and Danny finally come together. But the show wisely throws a wrench in the works before the audience gets too comfortable.

The relationship between these two has always been complicated and had a lot of hurdles to get over. This episode plays on the fact that these two are very different people, each with their own set of flaws and maybe they just aren’t meant to be together. And that all makes it that much better when they do get together.

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